• We send out weekly emails providing material information about the development of the party and invitations for meaningful engagement.  If you do one thing as a members be sure to white-list, look for and read our weekly emails usually sent Tues morning at 9:30am PST.  If the email encourages you to take an action such as watch a new video or explore a new member resource, orient around taking the suggested action.  We promise to not waste your time. Our emails are thought through strategically and scheduled to provide the members the right information and invitations at the right time to keep the movement moving!


  • We use our social media accounts to share the cutting edge of OneNation messaging with you as a way to nourish and inspire our members.  Please follow us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM and look for our posts. When you see them, take a moment to read them. We promise to provide the best, most impactful content we can. 


  • If you are looking for quotes, topics and inspiration regarding OneNation, look through past posts for images and content treasures there.

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  • We have a growing youtube station full of resources organized through our ‘playlists.’  The ‘What is OneNation’ playlist is something we feel every member should be familiar with in order to gain a confident understanding of the basics.  The ‘Forum Series’ playlist introduces new content that reaches wider than the basic content to reveal greater breadth and depth of OneNation, as articulated by founder Christopher Life.  We encourage members wanting a stronger grasp of OneNation to listen to/ watch as many episodes of this playlist they feel inspired to. We will have new playlists opening up on our youtube channel, keeping it the video hub of the movement.  Be sure to subscribe ~ and when relevant, like and comment on videos as well! 

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The membership ethos is the north star of what it means to live the OneNation All-Win way.  Our members are encouraged to align with it as much as desirable through practice, accountability and community support. 


Our All-Win Leadership framework is a set of leadership principles that is at the heart of OneNation.  We are devoted to raising a new generation of leaders embodying a new set of leadership capacities able to lead our businesses, communities, cities and governments through the transformational times ahead and into a new era for humanity.  We are creating various internal leadership development programs designed to cultivate all-win leaders and prepare them for all sectors of leadership, including government. 


You can run for office on the OneNation brand platform as soon as 2020!  If you were already planning to run for office, or if you are open to the idea, consider running on the OneNation platform along with our national All-Win 2020 launch campaign.  We will do our best to highlight you nationally and integrate your local campaign and personal message with our national launch campaign! Click Here for more information.



Here are four pre-membership tiers of interest.  If you feel called to help expand the network, match a clear invitation related to a person’s existing level of interest.


Invite to Follow

If a person has a little interest, the invitation to have them Like our FB page and follow us on Instagram is a perfect first step. 



Invite to Join Email List

If a person has a bit more interest, make a clear suggestion for them to join our email list on www.onenation.party to learn more and stay informed about the emerging new party. 



Invite to Watch & Read More

If a person is ready to learn more direct them to this website to read more and the youtube playlists ‘What is OneNation’ and the ‘Forum Series’ to start watching more informative long-form presentations. 



Invite to Become a Member

If a person has found their alignment through conversations with you and online content, then make a clear invitation for them to register as a member of the network at onenation.party/membership as the next step. 

Reference the ‘Key Talking Points’ page to feel more empowered in speaking to others about OneNation. 



Sharing OneNation FB posts and sharing OneNation Youtube videos on your social media channels are powerful ways to extend our reach.  In 2020 we will be launching more robust programs supporting social media strategies to expand the network.


If you have an email audience list or simply prefer email outreach, here is a template email you can send to 5 or 5,000,000 people to create further exposure and engagement with OneNation.


We highly encourage you to schedule time on the phone, video call or in person to share OneNation with your loved ones and members of your personal network you know will have interest.  This is one of the best and most important ways to expand the network.

By reviewing the Key Talking Points, watching the “What is OneNation” series on Youtube, and listening to the Forum Series playlist on Youtube, you will be well prepared to share OneNation with your people.  If you get stumped with any questions, be sure to reach out to the FB Members Group for support by posting a question. 


If you are ready to bring your friends and community together to share OneNation with them, you can run your own Intro Forum event.  This can be fun and easy.


TEXT:   ONE NATION   to  31996

to stay in touch by text. 

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