We The People Are The Future Of Democracy

Democracy was intended as a form of self-governance, of, by, and for the people, but it relies on its citizens to make it real. It's up to us to rise up at this historic moment and create new structures, cultures, and processes that allow for all voices to be heard and integrated in the decisions that affect our lives.

We can cooperate without total agreement if we can agree on the fundamental rules and values necessary for generative conversation. We understand that making pathways for everyone to practice co-governance will require a multi-faceted approach. This is not about discovering a one-size-fits-all solution but rather envisioning many ways for people to engage in generative politics.


To illustrate the importance of quality communication to the future of our democracy, we will draw together circles of holistic council. One Nation is calling for profound leadership to come together, to stand up and represent the life of our bioregional communities and our planet. By the example of such leadership, we intend to inspire a culture of non-violent communication, of listening and honoring others and of expressing oneself with compassion and purpose.


Democracy is naturally a collaborative process of circular dependencies, of cooperation, of considering all perspectives. The wheel of democracy is forever turning, generating itself --democracy is a generator powered by the creative imagination and expressive power of the people. One Nation will open pathways for everyone to enter into the collaborative work of self-government, encouraging the art of truth-telling and of revealing the relationships between us.


We imagine democracy to be an open process that engages everyone, a learning experience for individuals, communities, and the collective. We wish to encourage a culture of imaginative creativity and critical thinking, a culture of expressing one's truth in writing, in speech, in artistic creation. Democracy creates itself and is essentially a co-creative activity. The Declaration of Independence was a poetic act of creation, of cooperative self-representation, of writing a shared vision into reality. This is our tradition, our intellectual and spiritual inheritance. We are creators, and we want to co-create the future of democracy together.



Process and People Power

The United People's Coalition is a process-based Political Rise initiative of One Nation Party, using consensus, dialogue, and healing to generate a new kind of populism that integrates diverse perspectives and finds common ground on the issues that matter most.

By forming a coalition of leaders, engaged citizens, and community representatives dedicated to these principles, we can co-create a United People’s Platform that represents the fundamental needs of all people. Through this process, we can ensure the mainstream political narrative expands to include our message of unity, common sense leadership, and sincere care for the well-being of all Americans. 


The United People’s Platform, a living, co-created document made through a consensus process to include the perspectives and values of all coalition participants, can be digitally ratified by citizens who demand that their leaders take bold action to solve the major systemic problems of our time.

Through the process of consensus building across diverse social movements, we are providing an opportunity for collective action, education and healing as we move through the divisions of our past to create a vibrant future that works for all Americans.

No matter who is elected in November, we are building an ongoing unified voting block able to generate political results for decades to come, holding all future presidents and elected officials of all scales accountable to the will of the people.


Rebirth Political Dialogue

Every aspect of our democracy is in disrepair, from our political dialogue to our voting processes, to American's confidence in our governmental systems. Now is the time to heal our republic, rebuild our confidence in government of, by and for the people, and upgrade our democracy to solve for the glaring inadequacies of our out-dated systems.


The United People's Coalition will transparently and democratically select council members aligned with the intention of the Political Rise. Councilors will be invited to provide their council on citizen-generated platform policy proposals through a series of live-streamed roundtable dialogues.


Each council dialogue will be an opportunity for diverse communities to see and hear what matters to one another, integrating their diverse perspectives and establishing a dialogue process that will and must become the new norms of the future. Through deep listening and facilitation, councils will produce novel, creative outcomes through their devotion to solutions that benefit all people and all life.

Using a Blockchain democracy platform, novel forms of voting like Ranked Choice and Approval Voting, and dialogue-based consensus processes, we will identify, refine, and vote on policy proposals submitted by people from all walks of life. Through this process, the United People's Coalition is modeling the viability of democratic alternatives that would significantly upgrade US democracy and dismantle voter suppression and corruption. Our process, beyond the outcome, is among the most transformational outputs that the United People’s Coalition can offer the world.


Healing, Truth, and Reconciliation

This process will be difficult as the unacknowledged pains from the past are brought into the light for all of us to acknowledge, feel and grieve together. This is the time for all of us who have experienced oppression to be heard, understood and empathized with.  And this is a time for all those who have benefited from oppressive systems to come to terms with the fact that our wealth and quality of life has come at extreme cost, violently forced upon others.

These traumas are real and must be addressed before true unity can be established. This process will likely be difficult but worthwhile in the name of building a world that works for all. As our coalition assembles and these painful truths come to the surface, our coalition is committed to holding additional Healing, Truth, and Reconciliation circles to provide space to process, meet, heal, integrate, and educate each other about the pain we have experienced.


These circles may include, but are not limited to:

  • Native American Cultural / Physical Genocide and Colonization

  • Slavery and Racial / Ethnic Violence and Oppression

  • Government Infringement on Civil Liberties

  • Class Violence and Economic Oppression

  • Human, Child, and Sex Trafficking

  • Gender-based Violence and Oppression

  • Addiction, Depression, and Suicide

  • Medical Malpractice and Abuse

  • LGBTQ+ Violence and Oppression

  • Ableist Violence and Oppression

  • Incarceration and Police Violence


Join The Movement

This initiative will take all of us: systems designers, facilitators, deep thinkers, healers, listeners, communicators, community weavers, and all the other new forms of civic leadership and engagement that our crumbling democracy is asking of us. We’re building a system for self-governance and self-determination that could outlast our own lifetimes if we build it with integrity, vision, and thoughtful consideration. 


If you’ve been waiting to get involved with our current political affairs, but have not found an initiative that represents your values of truth and unity, now is a perfect moment to get involved, meet other like-minded leaders from this new domain of politics, and participate in a small group of people dedicated to changing the world.

We're using a community-owned social networking platform called Hylo to organize and co-create. If you'd like to collaborate on the self-governance, strategy, and implementation of the coalition, click the link below, create an account, and join the conversation!


2020 and Beyond

Regardless of the electoral outcome in November 2020, the United People’s Coalition and Platform has the potential to create an electoral mandate and social movement for common sense solutions and deep systemic change. This coalition is designed to encourage citizens around the country to step up and provide the political leadership needed in this moment of interconnected crises, knowing there is a people's platform, people's movement, and vast council behind them as they campaign for our thriving future!


With sustained political organizing and political pressure, this platform can be actualized at local, state, and national levels. Together, we can organize a new domain of politics that can impact our governments, our communities, and our lives for generations to come.

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