OneNation: Texas Assembly
February 4-5, 2019 | Austin, TX
ReBirthing Our Nation, And Humanity  
Imagine a world whose leaders and influencers consider the highest good of all life, for generations to come, in every decision - a world where ALL living beings are supported to harmoniously thrive. 

What if that world is closer than we think and we have more power than we know? 
What if the leaders of the movements to heal human and ecological suffering became the prevailing influencers of society and the stewards of our government?

How can we use the existing political structure to protect and nourish all life on Earth?

Each one of us holds a unique part of the blueprint for the future of humanity. We invite you to join us for the next OneNation Assembly, in Austin, Texas. OneNation is a transformative new political party and a catalyst for the systemic change required to radically rebirth humanity through transcending the ideological divide, an unprecedented approach to policy and the delivery of technological solutions that increase the accountability, transparency and sense-making of our elected representatives. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The time is now.

OneNation is for those who have outgrown the current bipartisan system and are ready to join forces for an new approach to government that includes and honors the needs and wants of all Americans.

The Texas Assembly is a two-day event that includes a broad spectrum of revolutionary presentations, voices from diverse communities as well as breakout sessions, group experiences, music and art. It is a deep dive into the state of America and what it will take for us to truly become One Nation. 

The Assembly is a meeting of the head and the heart.
It is vision. It is activism. It is art. It is truth-telling. It is co-creation and a plan of action. It is past. It is future. And it’s an innovative new paradigm. It is humanity in motion. 

We look forward to catalyzing a movement and rebirthing our nation, and humanity, in partnership with YOU.
Early-Bird: $97
Punctual-Bird [Jan 6th]: $127
General Admission [Jan 24th]: $157
We are 100% committed to inclusivity and diversity. We have leaders around the country who represent various critical communities often excluded in convenings such as this due to prohibitive admission and travel costs. Please consider being a Scholarship Benefactor or ensure our Assembly is representative of the various communities in America. 

Receiving a scholarship. If you represent an community who you feel needs to be represented in OneNation and the expenses to attend the event are prohibitive, please email us.

Email Address: Participate@OneNation.Party
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