We believe that public office should be transparent. The conversations had, decisions made and the use of all finances. We are committed to being the change we seek in the world. This page provides a portal to the aspects of One Nation and the LIFE2020 Campaign we are able to make transparent. Making something transparent takes effort, and requires us to have the right systems and team members in place to fulfill all our ideals of transparency. In the months to come, we are excited to provide the visibility that will make One Nation the world's most transparent party and LIFE2020 the world's most transparent presidential campaign in history. 


Live broadcast meetings will always stream here.  We are devoted to increasing the amount of our oragnizational efforts we are able to live stream.

Access to all meeting recordings: Coming Soon. 


We are committed to 100% financial transparency, in as close to real-time as possible. View below to see our ledger of our latest revenue earned and expenses made. For each expense made see who was involved with making that decision and a brief description of the expense. If you have any questions at all, you can inquire on our Members FB group. If you are not yet a registered party member, you can register HERE

The spreadsheet below is our organizational cashflow projection.  You can see our anticipated revenue, planned expenses and desired expenses to be made upon access to sufficient revenue.