The breakdown and failure of our previous systems has left a trail of tears, brutality and trauma. Creating a civilization in which people are widely isolated, depressed, sick, addicted, numb and traumatized is neither normal nor acceptable. 


But all of this pain and carnage is creating pressure that is moving us away from how things have been and towards something else. A woman giving birth is a type of emergency - a crisis. But along with that struggle, something precious and new is coming into the world. 


Our crisis is a birth, and we have the opportunity and responsibility to participate in the ending of one era of humanity on Earth and facilitate a new one to emerge. 


Something this massive may seem impossible, but the extractive, manipulative, and dominant systems that have locked the majority of humanity into cycles of subservience and control are in crisis and on the verge of breakdown as financial collapses, ecological collapses and social unrest are mounting as inevitable outcomes of corrupt systems. 


Tragically, there is a tremendous amount of death and destruction that is occurring - and will continue to occur - through this phase-change crisis.  


Can you open your heart to take in the pain in the world without shutting down?

Can you stay creative and in service while others are suffering and paralyzed in fear?

Can you hold the vision that something beautiful is birthing from our crisis?


One Nation is a network of people who know the previous systems of society have created a crisis and are themselves in crisis. We are committed to stepping forward at a time when many want to run away. To provide vision, courage and leadership - through governmental stewardship - to support the complete ending of a world defined by domination and extraction. To establish a new beginning: one defined by love, regeneration and holistic thriving for all.


Register as a member to support the emergence of the One Nation Party USA network and our ability to empower a new generation of One Nation candidates to become the mayors, governors and national leaders of the future.  


Together we rise.


- Barbara Marx Hubbard