2020 is the first year candidates will be running on the One Nation brand and policy platform. 


OneNation cannot offer party ballot access in 2020 so candidates will have to secure their own Independent ballot access or run as a write-in candidate. We expect that by 2022 we will have systems in place than enable methodical candidate nomination within the party and secured ballot access. 

If you are looking for existing party ballot access, you may be best suited seeking the nomination of an existing major party.  


If you are ready to participate in launching a new, great American party devoted to personal and societal transformations, and you want to use your campaign to support the launch of the party and use the launch of the party to support your campaign then you are in the right place! 


In 2020 we will be running our first One Nation candidates and aggregating candidates together in the national All-Win campaign which is designed to promote the candidates, a new party and a new political paradigm simultaneously and synergistically!


Whether you are running for city council, mayor, state rep, congress or governor, you can be a part of the 2020 One Nation All-Win Campaign! 


As stated above, the 2020 election will be a unique case in which the technical designation of the candidates will be ‘Independent’ as we are securing our state-by-state major party recognition and your association with One Nation will be through brand alignment, action, and engagement. 


NOMINATION:  In this early period of the party we are not expecting contest within our network for the same elected positions. We do not have formal systems in place in the event that two One Nation members are seeking the same elected position. We will deal with any situations that need additional care on a case-by-case basis. 


ALIGNMENT:  In the event that a member is campaigning as a One Nation candidate and is not aligned with the membership ethos and all-win paradigm, and unwilling to align, they will be asked to remove their association with One Nation and a public statement will be made to communicate their non-endorsement by One Nation. If candidates who receive official non-endorsement statements do not cease brand association, we can pursue legal means to protect brand integrity. 


SUPPORT:  One Nation will be building a team dedicated to supporting One Nation candidates in the 2020 cycle. The support functions of this team will entail ballot access, campaign administration, campaign finance, candidate media and promotion support, candidate policy platform support and integration to the national All-Win campaign. The degree of support available will be based upon the resources and teams we are able to build. We will do our very best to provide maximum support to candidates running on the One Nation brand platform. In each election cycle thereafter the support will strengthen. 


CAN'T LOSE:  All One Nation campaigns are simultaneously an education and inspiration campaign as well as an electoral race. By saying yes to running for office and being a FACE of the movement, you will play an important role in sharing the all-win political paradigm and all-win policy visions with those you are influencing. This is a moment in time for a renaissance of responsibility and civic engagement and your campaign is a part of that for yourself and those you inspire. We are going to, and must, undergo massive personal and systemic transformations, and your campaign is your act of societal leadership as we move into a new era for America and humanity. This campaign also creates an opportunity for you to communicate your personal message to your community and integrate your personal message into our national party campaign. If you do not win the election, you will be increasing your recognition in your region and areas of interest, better positioning you for future races and other aspects of societal and party leadership.  


REGISTER:  If you would like to express your interest as a One Nation 2020 Candidate integrated in the 2020 All-Win Campaign, complete this short form below and we will reach out to you as we have the resources to do so.