One Nation is devoted to systemic transformations in all domains, integration of all perspectives, 

full transparency and digital access to government. 


SAN DIEGO, CA, January 21, 2020 – One Nation Party USA, a new American political party, announced yesterday the launch of a national campaign to organize politically and support transformational candidates at all levels of government. 


One Nation founder, Christopher Life, also announced his 2020 candidacy for President of the United States, promising to use his campaign to build the party, establish a vision for a thriving world for all, and model the future of government by running the most transparent campaign in history. 


Led by millennials, the new voting majority who place high value on transparency and digital interactive access to government, One Nation seeks to lead a renaissance of civic engagement to usher in a new generation of all-win leaders at the local, state and national level to steward systemic transformations in all domains in the years and decades ahead. 


According to founder and presidential candidate Christopher Life, “The greatest hack of our generation is to rise above our programming, realize that everyone is ‘us’ and apply our great American ingenuity to create solutions so that all of us can win together. One Nation’s membership is comprised of people from all sides of the political spectrum, including those who have never identified with the spectrum, who are coming together to create something new.” 


Additional quotes from the announcement video, by Christopher Life:

  • “One Nation is a network of citizens committed to creating the best possible world for all people, and all life, for generations to come.”

  • “Those of us devoted to an exceptional planetary society can organize politically and use our governments, and cities, public budgets and policies, to create the world we know in our hearts is possible.” 

  • “Our opportunity is to participate in the greatest systemic transformation in history. Incremental change won’t cut it anymore, we need deep change - change at the core.”

  • “It’s time to abandon any political affiliation not devoted to transforming our fundamental systems - so that every morsel of your activism can be channeled into the deep change that will enable a new era of humanity to emerge.”


Watch the announcement video here.

Those interested in learning more and getting involved can text ‘one nation’ to 31996 to receive more information or visit


For Press, Text “PRESS” to 31996 to receive press releases directly going forward.


For immediate release 9 am EST, January 21, 2020


About One Nation Party USA 

One Nation’s mission is to organize those dedicated to planetary paradise, to empower all-win leaders to steward civilization re-design from all sectors and at all scales, and to utilize the existing systems of government to accelerate societal transformation towards an all-win world. One Nation is committed to a multi-decade path of tangibly transforming fundamental systems of finance, health, economics and government to unlock a new era of humanity defined by the integration of wisdom, love and power.  We can create a world in which all children are safe, feel free to play and are encouraged to express their innate genius - as those children mature, a new world will emerge.   


About Christopher Life

Christopher Life was born and raised in Vista, CA and raised in a Latter-Day Saint household and community.  From an early age he marveled at the social potential of our human civilization. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from SDSU in International Security and Conflict Resolution,  worked for several years in Africa poverty alleviation, has founded and participated in various for-benefit business initiatives, including the invention of a food-based medical technology to treat heart disease and diabetes ad has worked as a business consultant in the years leading up to the launch of One Nation Party USA and the LIFE2020 Campaign.  He is also the author of All-Win Political Culture, his first published book that will be coming out this year.  


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