Name: Christopher Life

Party Affiliation: One Nation Party USA 

Candidate: President of The United States of America

Election Cycle: 2020

Political Orientation: All-Win Political Rise


"America needs a new political vehicle for the millions ready to organize revolutionary systemic transformations.  America also needs a voice of power and love, able to articulate a new all-win political paradigm and lead the depth of societal triage and civilization redesign needed to navigate the challenging times ahead - towards a thriving future for all.


For these reasons, I am running a 2020 presidential campaign.  I believe this is the most impactful way to launch One Nation Party USA this year on the national and global stage, establish the all-win political paradigm, initiate a deeper understanding of systemic change in the general public, and prepare for a robust One Nation Party USA 2022 election cycle.


If you are moved to support and participate, register as a member.  It’s time to organize. Together we rise."


  • I promise to do everything in my power to establish One Nation Party USA as a thriving national political network by the end of 2020. 

  • I promise to model the future of government by running the most transparent campaign in history. 

  • I promise to champion the all-win paradigm and prove it’s value and veracity as a revolutionary new mindset by which to steward our nation.

  • I promise to reveal new all-win policy standards that enable a new era of American policy that brings us together. 

  • I promise to establish a vision of a thriving future for society that inspires us to rise up and take responsibility for creating it! 


1. Text ‘one nation’ to 31996 for ongoing communication and coordination

2. Opt In to our email list (below). 

3. Register as a Member on this site.  Once you register, you will be invited to a discovery process to better explore your role in the network and our 2020 launch campaign.