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United We Rise: Introducing the United People's Coalition

“The meta-crisis is giving rise to the transformation age” - Robb Smith & Miles Seiden

Have you felt it yet? That glimmering strand of hope staring back at you from the bottom of the dark, dank composting bucket that is 2020?

At times during quarantine, our trajectory has felt sincerely and irreversibly headed towards systems collapse and global disaster. Perhaps it still is. Yet from the depth of this confusing, painful and traumatic time, a new kind of system is being birthed.

From the Amazon Emergency Fund’s global live streams to Unify Mass Meditations, from the Unity2020 campaign proposed to six million people on the Joe Rogan Podcast to numerous inter-organizational coalitions forming for the benefit of all life - we’re stepping into the transformation age as we awaken to our interconnectedness and our collective power.

In that spirit, One Nation is launching a new initiative intended to organize independent and community leaders into a coalition for a common-sense, transformational United People's Platform.

Profound systemic change requires a new form of leadership from new kinds of leaders, stepping into leadership from a place of sincere care for the future of our children, humanity, and life on earth. We’re organizing, outside of the two-party paradigm, to provide a holistic vision for deep change that can address the roots of our current crises.

Transcending the divides of Left and Right, we choose a new domain of politics: The Political Rise. The Political Rise is oriented around mature, responsible and careful stewardship, and is devoted to togetherness and solidarity as the heart of healthy society. The Political Rise is not driven by ideology, but by process, listening, integrating different perspectives and creativity.

By forming a coalition of leaders, engaged citizens, and community representatives dedicated to these principles, we can co-create a United People’s Platform that represents the fundamental needs of all people. Through this process, we can expand the mainstream political narrative to include a message of unity, common sense leadership, and sincere care for the well-being of all Americans. Together, we will model a new kind of political discourse and political organizing rooted in deep listening, mature mutual respect, and integration.

The United People’s Platform, a living, co-created document made through a digital democracy consensus process to include the perspectives and values of all coalition participants, can be digitally ratified by citizens who demand that their leaders take bold action to solve the major systemic problems of our time.

No matter who is elected in November, we have the opportunity to generate a new unified voting block and social movement that can hold our next President accountable to a platform that is truly of, by, and for the people.

This initiative will take all of us: systems designers, facilitators, deep thinkers, healers, listeners, communicators, community weavers, and all the other new forms of civic leadership and engagement that our crumbling democracy asks of us. We’re building a system for self-governance and self-determination that could outlast our own lifetimes if we build it with integrity, vision, and thoughtful consideration.

If you’ve been waiting for a moment to bring your leadership into the One Nation Community, now is a perfect moment to get involved, meet other like-minded leaders from this new domain of politics, and participate in a small group of people dedicated to changing the world.

You can read more about the process, strategy, and technology here.

You can join our Hylo working group (like a Facebook group designed for community instead of advertisers) here.

The best of 2020 has yet to be written. We are the change we seek.

Please join One Nation Party USA and the United People’s Coalition as we change the face of American politics forever this year.

Together We Rise,

Benjamin Ross

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