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Top 12 Actions You Can Take As a One Nation Ambassador

Thank you for stepping forward as a One Nation Ambassador. Every single action you take in support of the expansion of our network, large or small, once or ongoing, builds the network and increases our ability to fulfill our mission.

Below are 12 Actions you can take to move the mission forward as a One Nation Ambassador:

  1. Read & watch the One Nation Party site to educate yourself

  2. Identify with a One Nation social media profile image frame

  3. Invite your friends to Like One Nation Party USA FB Page

  4. Invite Friend to join One Nation Community FB Group

  5. Make a post with a link to your favorite page on Tag friends and share why it matters to you

  6. Listen to and share One Nation Radio

  7. Invite interested folks to opt-in to email list to receive info and updates

  8. Have a conversation with a friend or family member and invite them to register as a member

  9. Invite someone with financial means to make a meaningful financial contribution to One Nation as their Activation Contribution when they register as a member

  10. Invite your favorite media hosts and stations to cover the emergence of One Nation Party USA

  11. Invite your Mayor and other elected official to endorse and join the One Nation platform

  12. Make a celebrity and public figure outreach post and tagging those influencers to share One Nation with them and asking for their endorsement

It's critical that we hear back from you to learn about your experience as an Ambassador and the success or pitfalls you experienced while implementing these suggested actions.

We also want to know if there are other instructions, training or resources we can produce for you that will leave you feeling further empowered as a One Nation Ambassador.

Please complete this input form.

Thank you.

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