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This site is paid for by the LIFE2020 Committee.  One Nation Party USA is not yet legally recognized as a Major Party. We plan to be by 2021.  The LIFE2020 Committee, housed by the legal entity One Nation Party IRS 527, is the initial committee and legal entity initiating the One Nation Party USA brand, platform and membership.  We are using this campaign to launch the party.  All forms of participation in the One Nation Party USA brand in 2020 are managed by the LIFE2020 Committee. 

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‘One Nation’ name in relation to two other organizations with the same name?

‘One Nation’ is a powerful name we have adopted to signify the unification of Americans and the need to increase coordination as a global community: one nation as the United States of American & one global nation of humanity. We have consciously selected this name in light of knowing two other organizations using the same name, a 501(c)4 in the US and a political party in Australia.

The ‘Pauline Hansons’s One Nation’ party in Australia has a different set of guiding values than One Nation Party USA and our organization and theirs have no association.

The right-wing ‘1 Nation’ policy organization in the US is also guided by a different set of values than One Nation Party USA and our organization and theirs have no association.

In our early stages of development, this was confusing as we had very little online content with poor search results so a search for One Nation brought people to the Australian party or the US policy site. With each passing month we have more content online and a stronger search presence and within a short period of time all searches for One Nation made in the US will go directly to One Nation Party USA search results.

We are here, committed to the long term and are not deterred that two other organizations in the world have elected to also use the name that we feel is perfect for us.