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Inviting Friends and Family Into One Nation Membership

Inviting others into membership can be exciting and perhaps a little scary. Have you invited other people to join things before? For some this can be natural and for others it can be very new. This post provides a handful of guidelines to support you in this process.

#1 Enrolling Members Matters!

The success of our mission is directly based on the size of our network. One Nation becomes stronger with each new member. Members bring financial support, organizing capacities, volunteer participation, unique insights, relationships and votes. Every candidate we run and every policy we seek to pass will have a greater chance of success based upon each new member you enroll.

#2 Invite Those Who Are Ready, Don’t Try to Convince Those Who Aren’t

Your job as an Ambassador is not to convince or push anyone into anything. Your job is to be an invitation to those you can reach. By being an invitation you will find people who are looking for One Nation and likely to be grateful that you revealed to them that which they are seeking. Some of the indicators that someone is looking for One Nation include:

  • Done with two-party system and looking for new party solution

  • Concerned about the political future of America and wanting to ensure the best possible future

  • Desirous to rise above the fighting and experience politics defined by unification, listening and integrating different perspectives

  • Realizing there are emerging principles we must put at the center of society including: regeneration, holism, synergy, all-win paradigm, integral thinking, improved sense-making, meaningfulness, wholeness, trust

  • Looking for a community to belong to and co-create with that is practically working towards the best possible future for humanity

#3 Let The Website Do The Heavy Lifting

You are 100% capable of talking about One Nation. And, don’t try too hard to explain something you are still getting oriented to yourself. When you sit down with someone you are wanting to invite into membership, go to the LEARN pages and share a couple of the videos at the top of the pages that talk about: The Future of Democracy, Civilization Redesign, All-Win Paradigm and more. These pages were created for you to make sharing One Nation easy. After you watch a video together, ask a simple question to open up the conversation like: Was that meaningful to you? What stood out most? What thoughts popped up while watching that?

#4 Make a Clear Invitation Into Membership

Let the person you are talking to know that it would be very meaningful to have them registered as a member of the network. If they feel enthusiastic about the One Nation mission, membership is the best next step of engagement, support and participation. Let them know why you registered as a member. Show them the membership registration page, let them know there is a one-time Activation Contribution (they determine the amount) and a Monthly Backing Contribution (they determine the amount of as well). We encourage each new member to be as generous as possible to help move the mission forward!

This mission is being funded by the people.

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