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Inviting Elected Officials to Endorse & Identify with One Nation

Politically, you are more powerful than you likely realize. You have the ability to talk to your Mayor, Congressional Rep, Senator and Governor about their party affiliation and invite them to stand with One Nation.

Some elected officials are deeply entrenched in their existing party affiliation and may require more severe tactics like those offered by the American Liberation Movement for them to shift party affiliation.

Many elected officials, however, are independent without an existing party affiliation. Some are associated with a party, but with a limited sense of identification and loyalty. These may be the first ones for you to speak to. Share One Nation with them and invite them to stand on the platform and identify with it!

You can share any of the videos or pages on the website, invite them to opt-in to the newsletter, follow One Nation on social media, or talk to someone in the One Nation org to further explore their potential endorsement or affiliation.

Simply put, if they are aligned with the One Nation message and mission, they should seriously consider standing with One Nation so that together we can build a party that can provide courageous, systemically transformational leadership to our cities, nation and world.

Consider scheduling a meeting or sending an email or letter to their office as a next step.

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