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Expanding the Network Through The One Nation Facebook Page

Facebook is a powerful platform. Liking the One Nation Party USA Facebook Page allows people to see posts that enable them to learn, engage and get involved.

As an Ambassador, one of the simplest and most powerful acts you can do is to invite some or all of your friends to Like the One Nation Party USA Facebook Page.

You never know which of your friends will be most interested in One Nation so we request sending a simple invitation to them all and this blog post explains exactly how to do that easily. Of course you can also elect to simply invite specific people.

Here’s how to invite friends to Like the One Nation Party USA Page:

Step One: Go to our Facebook page (

Step Two: Click these three dots on the right side and then click ‘Invite Friends’

Step Three: Check off the friends you want to invite, or ‘Select All’

Step Four: Write a custom message to your friends who will be receiving this invite from you to Like the One Nation page. In 255 characters or less, share why you are excited about One Nation. If you aren’t feeling creative, you can replace their default message with this template One Nation message:

I can’t participate in the two parties, or sit on the sidelines while others determine the fate of our nation. One Nation is a new US political party standing for integrating diverse perspectives, listening deeply and driving deep systemic transformations

Step Five: Press Send Invites

Step Six: Facebook sometimes does a funny thing where they don’t send to ALL of your friends despite clicking ‘Select All.’ No worries, just repeat steps three and four and Facebook will select the friends that did not receive the first invite. Depending on how many friends you have you may do this several times until it indicates that all of your friends have received an invitation.

Thank you for leveraging your social credibility to build the network, party and movement–that’s what Ambassadorship is all about!

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