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Asking Friends and Family to Help Fund The Movement

This action is distinct, but very related to Inviting Friends and Family Into One Nation Membership. Be sure to read that post if you have not already.

The purpose of this action is to specifically discuss the goal of fundraising and membership. The more financial resources we generate, the more stable and powerful One Nation can become. You may know some people with more financial capacity than others. For those with increased financial means, you are encouraged to ask them to make a meaningful contribution of several hundred dollars, or even several thousand dollars, as their Activation Contribution when they register as a member.

It's OK to let these contacts know directly that you are asking for their financial partnership to help fund something that matters to you, that you believe is needed, and that has the capacity to create great impact in the world.

People with financial means are used to others asking them for money, so the more clear and direct you can be, the better. It’s OK if they do not say yes, you will know that you did your part to build the network and fund the mission. Be sure to thank them for their consideration.

Imagine how it will feel to know that because of your Ambassadorship, someone contributed $1,000 to our shared mission!?

You are 100% capable of raising significant funds for this mission by asking those you have an existing relationship with to become members and give generously.

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