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Activating You as a PR Agent for One Nation

What media stations,channels and outlets do you enjoy most? What radio station do you listen to? What news sources do you consume? What news anchors, writers, bloggers, podcasters or vloggers do you follow?

You have the ability to reach out to them and let them know about One Nation. You have the power to express that you would like to see/ hear them cover the story of this emerging political party.

With a simple search online, you can find email addresses or a contact from for these various content producers and publishers.

Of the media sources you follow, determine which you would most enjoy reaching out to and which feel most aligned with the mission of One Nation. Once you make that list of one or more and find their contact information or input form, share with them a personal message, or use this template citizen press release:

One Nation Citizen Press Release

One Nation Party USA is an emerging political party dedicated to organizing the voting majority Millennial Generation outside the two-party system in service to our shared thriving future.

With political discontentment at an all-time high, and people begging for alternatives, One Nation is standing up to provide the political leadership so many crave.

The platform is more focused on political process than topic positions, and revolves around deep listening, integrating different perspectives and creatively producing new solutions that better meet the needs of diverse groups.

As someone who regularly follows your content, I want you to know that I, and your audience, would love for you to cover a piece about One Nation as a new political vehicle that so many are looking for.

Get more information about One Nation here:

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