Looking at our US political system can feel discouraging, infuriating and bleak. Full political disengagement is the rational choice many millions of Americans make when looking at the corruption, deceit and manipulation of the American people for power, control and personal gain of those in office. 


We have two choices: to give up and abandon our country to a dystopian and self-terminating future, or to rise up with our full American ingenuity, courage and vision to reclaim a government of, by and for the people to fulfill the original promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


This is a firm stand against any type of violent revolution to overthrow the government. It is not the government that is the problem; rather the ulterior motives and systemic corruption of those we have voted into office. 


This is a rally cry for a revolution in our participation in government. We are calling for a new generation of patriots to rise up, with love of country and understanding of the impact America has on the entire world, to choose to become the next mayors, governors, congressional officials and national leaders.


This requires us to lean in where we have leaned out. To rediscover a sense of honor in stewarding governments in service to and for the benefit of all. Those who love humanity, love this planet, care deeply about the rising and unborn generations, and believe in beauty, goodness and dignity, have an obligation at this time to realize that the world we know in our hearts is possible requires us to integrate the values and vision of an all-win world into our civic engagement and leadership. 


Can you imagine if millions of Americans stopped running away from the government, but instead organized and chose to make the transformation of our cities and country their highest pursuit? What if even a portion of the energy poured into start-ups, business schools, and private sector growth was funnelled into research and stewardship of our government, environment and communities? This is the renaissance of civic engagement. This is the reclamation of politics and patriotism. 


What ideas about America do you love that you feel we haven’t lived up to? 

What if it were your responsibility to ensure that the visionary promises of America are fulfilled?

What if your patriotism transformed our country and the United States became a genuine servant to all humanity and all life on Earth?


One Nation is a political vehicle to restore your love of country, belief that your participation matters, and provide the organizing we need to become the elected leaders America needs us to be. 


Join the network as a member, fuel our renaissance of civic engagement, run for office as an all-win leader, or support those who are. 


There is nothing we can’t do. 


Together we rise.