Do the current politics of the United States leave you feeling exhausted, hopeless, disinterested, angry or sad? Then you’re with the majority of Americans. Despite the fact that decisions made in government have a huge impact on our lives and world, our choice often seems to be between opting out of politics entirely, or participating in a broken system. 


We have good news. There is a new choice available that enables you to be fully engaged in shaping government, while staying aligned with your values. 


This is a choice distinct from the political left and right. To understand the divisions we’re rising above, let’s take a look at what makes up the right and left. 


The RIGHT is defined by limited government, traditional morals, economic growth and corporate profits, viewing people and nature as inputs to economic processes, and seeking to make changes to government to improve conditions for companies. The right’s most defining characteristic is its opposition to the LEFT. 


Principles of Political Right:  

  • Scope of Government: Limited

  • Social Values: Traditional Family Values  

  • Economics: State-Sponsored Capitalism 

  • Environment Policy: Unregulated Free Market Extraction 

  • ​​Citizens: Need Economic Freedom 
  • Changes Pursued: Gains for Companies

  • Primary Driver: Economic Growth and Corporate Profits

  • Opposition: Political Left


The LEFT is defined by increasing the scope of government to support human welfare, social equality and diversity, limiting harm against the environment and people. Its defining characteristic is its opposition to the RIGHT. 


Principles of Political Left:

  • Scope of Government: Increased 

  • Social Values: Equality and Diversity

  • Economics: Neo-liberal / Democratic Socialism

  • Environment Policy: Regulation Against Harm

  • Citizens: Need Protection

  • Changes Pursued: Protections for Workers & Nature 

  • Primary Driver: Social Welfare

  • Opposition: Political Right


It seems like a battle of principle that will go on forever.  


But perhaps this is not as cut and dry as it seems. 


Is it possible that these presented differences are used to divide us, keep Americans fighting each other and provide an illusion of choice as a political charade, while something else is going on unaddressed behind the scenes?


If sincere in their commitment to represent their constituents, why don’t the left and right address the private military machine that makes money through violence and endless war, our private health system that makes money through chronic sickness, and our private financial systems that systematically extract wealth from citizens and concentrate it in the hands of private interests on both sides of the political spectrum?


The fight between the left and the right will never get us where we want. It has run its course and it’s time to migrate our political attention somewhere new. 


You now have a new choice: the political rise. 


The political rise is a mindset - free from incessant polarization against the ‘other side’.


The political rise espouses ‘functional government’ that runs experiments with policy, verifies results and scales what works.  


The political rise recognizes purposeful and meaningful lives as intrinsic human desires and stands for an economy and education system that support the creativity, generativity and self-realization of all human beings. 


The political rise understands the need to heal the trauma and sickness at the root of our civilization, and stands for psychological, spiritual and physical healing as foundations for thriving human existence. 


The political rise encourages innovative forms of economics that integrate the well-being of people, communities and nature. 


The political rise realizes that our problems are systemic and is dedicated to the multi-decade undertaking of deep systemic transformations in all sectors.


The political rise is focused on intensive ecological regeneration and a new era of human civilization that is more harmoniously integrated with nature. 


The political rise is committed to empowering people; knowing that everyone has an important role to play as creators on a shared mission to create an exceptional human society.


The political rise is oriented around mature, responsible and careful stewardship, and is devoted to togetherness and solidarity as the heart of healthy society.


The political rise is not driven by ideology, but by process, listening, integrating different perspectives and creativity. 


This is the space to have different ideas, but to never forget that we are all on the same team. 


Principles of Political Rise: 

  • Scope of Government: Functional

  • Social Values: Quality of Life

  • Economics: Holism

  • Changes Pursued: Gains for Civilization

  • Environment Policy: Regeneration

  • Citizens as: Creators

  • Primary Driver: Responsible Stewardship 

  • Non-Oppositional: Unity & Integration


Your role in shaping and stewarding local and national government is more important than ever.  We need you, and now you have a new choice.   


You are invited into the political rise: a domain for new parties, candidates, policy researchers, philanthropists, funding institutions, activists and voters to find each other, collaborate and steward government; accelerating our visions for a thriving future for all. 


One Nation is a new political party. 100% identified with the political rise and fully independent from the LEFT & RIGHT.  


Are you ready to let go of the fight and rise above the political spectrum?


Are you realizing that your participation in government matters? 


Are you interested in a new community and vehicle for your political activism? 


We invite you to embark on a journey into a new paradigm of politics. 


Join the political rise and register as a member of One Nation Party USA. 


Together we rise.