The OneNation Platform is dedicated to increasing the quality, efficacy and maturity of decision-making Americans use in communities, business and government, to best enable a thriving century and beyond.


We see that a win/lose, us-vs-them paradigm is resulting in a no-win world.  We don’t ascribe to blaming an evil-doer or making any groups the ‘others’ in OneNation.  We are for 100% of Americans, all people and all life.  We stand for the possibility of an all-win world and acknowledge that it starts with one personal paradigm shift at a time, from us-vs-them to All-Win. 


We stand for better decision-making processes, capable of navigating the complexity and magnitude of our national and planetary challenges and opportunities. Utilizing these steps produces superior public solutions.  

  1. Identify specific opportunities for improvement

  2. Assess what is already working 

  3. Establish common ground of stakeholders

  4. Identify driving questions

  5. Analyze issues from multiple perspectives

  6. Integrate diverse inputs 

  7. Invent and run All-Win experiments

  8. Scale what works

This process can be run at the level of an individual, family, community, business, industry sector, city, region, nation and internationally.  It liberates us from opinion-based, ideology-based, identity-based conflict and decision-making. Our commitment is to produce a new generation of All-Win leaders able to conduct this process at all scales, sectors, and facets of society.


  • Protect Our Land & People

  • Generate American Happiness & Prosperity

  • Inspire the World

  • Fulfill the Promise of Liberty & Justice for All


We are building the capacities to draft the first OneNation American Policy Platform. This will be the concretization of the All-Win paradigm into federal policy proposals. The output will be an integrated strategy maximizing human thriving, ecological viability and market success.  


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