One Nation is a multi-decade commitment to rebirth our nation by integrating our personal human maturation process with our political activity and leadership.  


The political sector is not simply ‘a’ sector, but is the overarching domain in which our economic, social, foreign relations and environmental stewardship come together.


The plan expressed here is more than a strategy to elect a candidate or pass a policy. It is a plan for a renaissance of civic engagement and responsibility, enabling the rising generation to persevere courageously as they drive radical societal transformations in all sectors over the upcoming decades and produce an all-win world as the hallmark manifestation of the American promise of life, liberty, and happiness for all. 


The center of our strategy and purpose is to cultivate a rising generation of all-win leaders able to steward organizations, companies, governments, communities, and families during the transformational times ahead. 

You are invited to play a role in the plan below. The only thing we need to ensure our success is your participation.


Together, there is nothing we can't do. But it takes a long-term vision, organizing, and perseverance. 


Creating something real, with a deep and lasting impact, takes time and consistency. Are you ready to create something together that you could never create on your own? Please read the plan below, and if you feel a sense of resonance, register as a member of the network and let's work together to make it reality.   


Launching the party with a  year-long campaign designed to attract the attention of millions

2020 is the national launch of One Nation Party USA as a new American party and a new social movement devoted to the thriving of all Americans, all people, and all life. 


In 2020 we will be championing the all-win political paradigm that deeply challenges the win/lose status quo and invites America and the world into a new worldview in which all those we considered as ‘other’ we now consider as ‘us’, and in which ‘all-winning’ is the only acceptable outcome for rising leaders. 


As a part of the national launch the year will entail:

  • enrollment, empowerment, organizing and action of members

  • building credibility and exposure through influencer endorsements

  • engaging transformational artists to tell this story of deep change and a bright future

  • distributing videos activating Americans to organize and take responsibility

  • the running of our first candidate campaigns to model all-win political leadership and announce a new platform for candidates ready to transcend the win/lose norms of the current two-party system. 


Our vision is to enroll one million members into the network in 2020 and to build the momentum network and resources we need to continue executing our plan.

In 2021, with a nationally recognized brand, a new political paradigm and a national network of members, we will undergo the legal process of establishing One Nation Party state-based legal entities in each state, securing ongoing ballot access for all elected positions recognized at the state level as a 'Major Party.' 


With a culture and programs devoted to leadership development, we plan to invite our membership base into readiness to run for public office locally, regionally and nationally - as well as enroll existing candidate hopefuls and elected officials to stand with the One Nation platform.


Beyond the domains of government, we intend to be supporting leadership to steward business and social sectors as well. 


With members and brand-recognition nationwide, form the 50 state-based legal entities and secure ongoing ballot access as a legally recognized new American political party


Use the 2022 election cycle to build party legitimacy, awareness and impact by campaigning and electing One Nation reps for local, regional and national offices

In 2022, with the state-based legal structures in place, thriving chapters across the country, a growing membership and brand recognition nationally, it’s time to fervently build a national campaign to support all One Nation candidate campaigns in the 2022 election cycle. We intend to organize rigorously to maximize the One Nation electoral results in 2022 including mayors and other elected officials to begin leveraging our municipalities as the fertile soil for societal transformations. It’s time to regenerate human vitality, regenerate our water, air and soil, invent new ways of operating society and prepare for deeply transformational times ahead.  

In addition to electoral activities, the One Nation network will be birthing the All-Win Policy Research Center to create a new generation of all-win American policy for cities, states and nationally.  By 2023, through elected leaders, appointed leaders, political influence and ballot measures, we intend to be actualizing policy initiatives that transform how we think about and relate to markets, ecology, taxation, technology, our health and our future.  By 2023 we would like to see the world rapidly reshaping to tangibly reflect our all-win ideals through public policy and budget allocations.  


Progress and implement new all-win policy through elected officials and ballot measures

2024 & BEYOND:

By 2024, we would like to see the end of the era of the Democrat/ Republican duopoly regime and an emergence of a variety of new political vehicles in America with One Nation setting precedent for millennial-driven transformational leadership.  We are empowering members nationwide and providing transformational all-win leadership across the country.  We also begin sharing the all-win paradigm as a political possibility around the world to support wise national stewardshi[p in respective nations as well as vital global coordination to regenerate ecosystems and Earth-systems, build new infrastructure and activate new forms of economics that revolve around well-being of people and nature.