You are invited to join us in our private Facebook group that serves as a space for members and supporters to connect, organize, share information, receive updates and find opportunities for deeper participation. 


This is a private group, so you are required to ‘Request to Join’ and answer three questions in that process.  


We would love to have you in the conversation in the One Nation Community!



Welcome to the One Nation Community. This is the Facebook group of One Nation Party USA.


This is a space for registered members, as well as our greater community to come together, connect, share inspiration, educate each other and organize.


Feel free to make posts in this group designed to further the One Nation mission and strengthen the community.


Below are 6 principles that can guide us as we interact as an online Forum.


CULTIVATE ALL-WIN ATTITUDE:   Seek to understand multiple-perspectives. Be inquiry-based and holistically minded.


RELATE TO THE DIGNITY IN ALL:   Act with respect, stay open to learning and seek to develop relationships of trust.


LEAD YOURSELF FIRST:   Take personal responsibility for your actions and reactions. Give your gifts and play your role.


ENCOURAGE LEADERSHIP IN EACH OTHER:   We are all peers in creating an exceptional society.


FORGE SYNERGISTIC RELATIONSHIPS:   Intentionally create and strengthen human connections with diverse community members.

ALL IN FOR THE LONG GAME:   Remain bold and persistent to rebirth societal systems for future generations to thrive.


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