One Nation Party is an emerging USA political network devoted to all-win leadership and a world that works for all. 


One Nation Party identifies politically with the ‘political rise:' a domain of political organizing distinct from the political left or right, and defined by the integration of diverse perspectives, systems change, holistic design and a vision of all-win human civilization. 


One Nation is preparing to register as a ‘Major Party’ with formal ballot access in 2021. To register as a member of this network is to be a supporter of this mission and a co-creator in growing a thriving future. Your membership enables us to have the organizing capacities to fulfill our strategic, logistical and legal goals of expanding the network in the months and years to come. 


Imagine a political party that isn’t simply the ‘lesser of two evils.' A political party that is for the 100% of humanity and all life, with regular ballot access for all local, state and national elections. Running candidates dedicated to individual and collective healing, civilization redesign and the integration of love and power. Providing a transformational presence on the local, national and international political stages. 


This vision is possible, and we are here to bring it to life.


To elect all-win leaders to lead governments.


  • Integrate those dedicated to an all-win human civilization, 

  • Empower all-win leaders to steward civilization redesign in all sectors and at all scales, 

  • Utilize the existing systems of government to accelerate societal transformations that enable our individual and collective potential, and 

  • Inspire all people to realize and remember that we are all creators on a shared mission.