Social movements are a force of nature unleashed when people are sufficiently discontent with how things have been, and leadership emerges to effectively organize and coordinate those ready for change.


According to a model from Bill Moyer, social movements go through predictable stages. First, the current problem is accepted as normal and is unquestioned by the general public - even those suffering the most from the problem. Next, there’s a rising awareness of the problem as leaders begin taking actions that increase the public’s awareness that there is a problem that needs to be surfaced. Next, there’s a rising commitment to move away from the problem, but without clarity of what to move towards. Finally, an alternative to the problem, usually by way of new policy, is formally proposed and a majority of the public aligns with the new alternative. 


These steps enable massive transformations in society to occur and require leadership, vision, strategy and persistence at every stage. While it can seem like social movements happen by themselves, they don’t. Organizers, visionaries and those willing to sacrifice their comfort and risk their lives are the catalyzing force that give people the invitation to convert their anger into something constructive. 


We are in the middle of a mass social movement right now. This isn’t a movement around a single issue; it's a movement towards an entirely different civilization, culture and future. It is a movement of movements happening around the world as people rise up to create something new amidst the catastrophes of ecological collapse, extreme weather events, famine, economic disempowerment and violence. This social movement has the potential to connect the people of the world, as we rise together and create new systems and cultures that support a thriving quality of life for all. 


Some say this moment in history is the great turning point for humanity. This is not a moment to watch to see what happens, but to be a part of the great social movements that enable a new era to emerge. 


One Nation is a new political party dedicated to being a vehicle to convert the energy of our emerging social movement into direct political results by electing a new generation of leadership into office, so governmental capacities can be deployed in service to the societal transformations we seek and not against them. 


Register as a member of One Nation if you would like to support and accelerate your participation in the great movement of our generation. It’s critical that we organize now. 


Together we rise.