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* This site is paid for by the Life 2020 Committee.  One Nation Party USA is not yet legally recognized as a Major Party - and plans to be by 2021.  The Life2020 Committee, housed by the legal entity One Nation Party IRS 527, is the initial committee and legal entity initiating the One Nation Party USA brand, platform and membership.  Simply put, we are using this campaign to launch the party.  All forms of participation in Life 2020 and One Nation Party USA are one in the same. 


Review this page to explore the various resources, invitations and engagement opportunities available for OneNation members to step up as active participants and leaders within the network. 


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OneNation Members Unite is a FB GROUP as the 1.0 online members forum.  Over time, we will likely migrate to a more robust platform for member communication, organization and action management.  For now, our FB group is a place to share thoughts, engage in conversations, receive timely updates, help provide insights and feedback on emerging ideas, meet each other and more.  This is the best place to ask questions, share concerns and plug in when you are looking for connection. The more you share, comment, react to posts, the more you nourish the community as well.  If you are not yet in the group, request to join, below. You will be approved shortly. This is a OneNation member-only group and we only accept those who have officially registered as members of the party into this online space.


Local, in-person OneNation Chapters are beginning to form around the country.  Local chapters are a place for us to meet each other and make new friends, cultivate our personal growth as we are all becoming all-win leaders, and organize to take actions designed to move the mission forward. We encourage all of our members to be actively engaged in a local chapter! If you would like to get involved with an existing chapter and/or start a new chapter, please complete this form, below. Local chapters are for registered members.  


As a movement, we know that in addition to tangible action, there is also a spiritual/ energetic plane of the mission.  As members we come together online twice a month for focused, purposeful guided group meditation. These meditations are becoming meaningful experiences for those participating and we invite all members to join. We have two different meditations monthly:

Coherence refers to parts unified into a whole.  We see that all leaders have three main energie that affect their leadership - WISDOM, LOVE and POWER.  These energies source from the HEAD, HEART and BELLY respectively. People improve their leadership when they can actively engage the various energetic centers in their body that enable these capacities.  Coherent leadership occurs when a person is in conscious, integrated relationship between their head, heart and belly - their wisdom, love and power.  We train as a group monthly to cultivate these energetic dimensions of our leadership and as we do that communally, we increase the coherence of the leaders within themselves and with each other.  

This expertly facilitated meditation occurs at 5:30pm PST the FIRST Thursday of every month. You can join online or by calling in.  Our Coherent Leadership Meditation Program is for members and free for the public to join. If you would like to receive access information and monthly reminders about this meditation, click here. 



This meditation is not focused on the OneNation organization, but on The United States of America directly.  Through facilitated practice we focus on feeling, healing and releasing the collective emotional pain stored in the collective of America.  In doing so, participants are able to energetically cleanse their own energy field while participating in clearing the energy field of America.  This meditation occurs at 5:30pm PST the THIRD Thursday of every month. You can join online or by calling in. The Heal US Meditation is open to anyone! If you would like to receive access information and monthly reminders about this meditation, click here. 



The membership ethos is the north star of what it means to live the OneNation All-Win way.  Our members are encouraged to align with it as much as desirable through practice, accountability and community support. 


Our All-Win Leadership framework is a set of leadership principles that is at the heart of OneNation.  We are devoted to raising a new generation of leaders embodying a new set of leadership capacities able to lead our businesses, communities, cities and governments through the transformational times ahead and into a new era for humanity.  We are creating various internal leadership development programs designed to cultivate all-win leaders and prepare them for all sectors of leadership, including government. 



Leadership Discovery Calls are designed to help members simultaneously connect to each other, while revealing, clarifying, and empowering their role within the network.  We are not simply looking for volunteers to do repeatable tasks, but for each member to truly find their unique role of leadership in the network that is deeply valuable to the mission, and the life of the member.  We believe that this true synergy is possible when we are careful to find the right expression of leadership for each member. This process requires discovery and support. The Discovery Call program sets you up with a 45 Min call with a different member each week as you co-discover and empower your own leadership in the party.  As your role becomes clear, you can opt-out of the Discovery Call program, or stay in it to continue connecting to more members within the network and support others in finding their leadership.   



Here are four pre-membership tiers of interest.  If you feel called to help expand the network, match a clear invitation related to a person’s existing level of interest.


Invite to Follow

If a person has a little interest, the invitation to have them Like our FB page and follow us on Instagram is a perfect first step. 



Invite to Join Email List

If a person has a bit more interest, make a clear suggestion for them to join our email list on www.onenation.party to learn more and stay informed about the emerging new party. 



Invite to Watch & Read More

If a person is ready to learn more direct them to this website to read more and the youtube playlists ‘What is OneNation’ and the ‘Forum Series’ to start watching more informative long-form presentations. 



Invite to Become a Member

If a person has found their alignment through conversations with you and online content, then make a clear invitation for them to register as a member of the network at onenation.party/membership as the next step. 


Reference the ‘Key Talking Points’ page to feel more empowered in speaking to others about OneNation. 


Sharing OneNation FB posts and sharing OneNation Youtube videos on your social media channels are powerful ways to extend our reach.  In 2020 we will be launching more robust programs supporting social media strategies to expand the network.


We highly encourage you to schedule time on the phone, video call or in person to share OneNation with your loved ones and members of your personal network you know will have interest.  This is one of the best and most important ways to expand the network.

By reviewing the Key Talking Points, watching the “What is OneNation” series on Youtube, and listening to the Forum Series playlist on Youtube, you will be well prepared to share OneNation with your people.  If you get stumped with any questions, be sure to reach out to the FB Members Group for support by posting a question. 


If you are ready to bring your friends and community together to share OneNation with them, you can run your own Intro Forum event.  This can be fun and easy.


If you have an email audience list or simply prefer email outreach, here is a template email you can send to 5 or 5,000,000 people to create further exposure and engagement with OneNation.


You can run for office on the OneNation brand platform as soon as 2020!  If you were already planning to run for office, or if you are open to the idea, consider running on the OneNation platform along with our national All-Win 2020 launch campaign.  We will do our best to highlight you nationally and integrate your local campaign and personal message with our national launch campaign! Click Here for more information.