The world needs better leaders able to create and ensure better solutions. Membership in OneNation is a commitment to become the leader the world needs you to be. Our membership ethos speaks to the heart of our principles as the rising stewards of the future. 

As a member of OneNation, I stand and act, to protect and enhance human dignity and free choice, the resilience of all forms of life, and the natural planetary systems from which we all rise.


In order to fulfill this, I commit to cultivating my capacities to: 

  • Speak my perspective clearly  

  • Inquire other perspectives earnestly 

  • Listen to other perspectives deeply

  • Analyze situations from multiple perspectives 

  • Consider situations as holistically as possible 

  • Form all-win solutions


In doing so, I affirm the importance of: 

  • Healing traumas that inhabit our nervous systems, preventing full maturation of our minds and hearts. 

  • Organizing networks and building relationships with others who share our intent in order to increase our capacity to enact lasting impact.

  • Providing various forms of leadership and service to society, including governmental service, to shape a world that best supports human dignity, free choice, and a thriving ecology. 

  • Reimagining what we value as a society and how we shape our systems around new values that include human sovereignty, quality of life and wise integration between humanity and the connected systems of life on Earth.

  • Running experiments that explore more efficient, effective and meaningful ways of organizing our social and material world.   


As a member of One Nation, I do not pledge my allegiance to any person, party or institution, but to my relationship with myself, fellow humans and the natural world.  


I align with and support, the mission and functions of One Nation because I expect to best achieve the aspirations I have for myself, and our world, as a person within this network.  


May we all generate and experience the quality of life, liberty and happiness we seek.