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* This site is paid for by the Life 2020 Committee.  One Nation Party USA is not yet legally recognized as a Major Party - and plans to be by 2021.  The Life2020 Committee, housed by the legal entity One Nation Party IRS 527, is the initial committee and legal entity initiating the One Nation Party USA brand, platform and membership.  Simply put, we are using this campaign to launch the party.  All forms of participation in Life 2020 and One Nation Party USA are one in the same. 


OneNation Party USA stands for courageous leadership at our national, state and local level.  We are committed to a multi-decade, multi-generational path of placing and supporting the best Americans to lead our businesses, communities, states and nation. 


By becoming a member you are saying yes to a new 'all-win' paradigm of politics, systemic transformations of our society and the heart, will and vision to create a world that works for all. 

Membership is open to any American Citizen or US Green Card holder of all ages, races, religions and political backgrounds.  The greater the diversity the stronger the network.


We are the party for the 100%.  We are a place for the rising generation to organize, integrate with the more experienced generations, and bring our collaborative, holistic, transformational values into government and society for decades to come.  

Members are invited into a system of engagement opportunities including local chapters, our members online forum, group experiences such as events and group calls, collaborative processes that shape the movement, various forms of field-work, customized expressions of participation and running for office or supporting others who are.   


Registering as a member is the first step of getting involved and engaged. 

Your choice to register as a member also supports the movement financially with your one-time registration contribution of $25 (or more) and monthly dues starting at $9/ month. 


Our numbers are our strength and unity is our power.