• One Nation is an emerging social movement committed to internal personal transformation conjoined with external societal transformation over a multi-decade arc of time. 


  • One Nation is a community of leaders committed to going all-in to build an all-win world in every sector of society. We believe that the generations alive today have the opportunity and ability to create the most exceptional society the world has seen yet. 


  • One Nation is a new American political party such that the transformative all-win leadership cultivated within the social movement has access into our existing representative democracy processes whereby our cities, states and nation can be led and transformed by an all-win worldview. 


  • One Nation as a political party is devoted to birthing a new generation of American policy aligned with the all-win paradigm and created by the all-win process.  


  • All-Win means that all impacted by a decision are considered and included in the ‘us’ group, and therefore the creative process does not stop until new solutions are invented in which all groups within the greater ‘us’ have had their core fears, needs and aspirations addressed well. 


  • The core skills that make up an all-win leader is their ability to think, speak and act for themselves, see issues from diverse perspectives, through deep listening and inquiry develop holistic understandings of situations and invent all-win experiments to discover what all-win solutions are viable. 


  • One Nation is in a semi-underground rollout phase and in Jan 2020 will open up for a public launch with a public online and media presence. 


  • One Nation does not represent any one ideology but offers a paradigm that enables various political ideologies to integrate synergistically.  


  • Millennials are the new voting majority and OneNation is a new American party for Millenials to use as a political vehicle to organize anew outside of the existing two-party system and to determine elected positions and policy for decades to come. One  Nation is by no means limited to the Millennial generation and invites deep intergenerational collaboration to ultimately empower this rising generation of leaders.  


  • Any US citizen or Green Card holder can register as a member of One Nation Party USA by going to 


  • Being a part of the network is more than just aligning for election outcomes. The network is a community designed to support personal transformation, build leadership capacities, support leadership expression in the world, develop meaningful relationships, invent new systems aligned with a thriving vision of the future, and coordinate movements across many sectors to better integrate as we undergo transformational years ahead in birthing a new era for humanity.


  • We see One Nation as here to fulfill the original American promise of Liberty and Justice for all that has not yet been realized. 


  • Between the potential collapse of our financial systems, the breakdown and bankruptcy of government, the further ecological breakdown and climate disruption, the exponential expansion of technological capacities and the needed transformations in our planetary energy systems, we see a tumultuous several decades ahead and One Nation is raising the new generation of leaders with the sophistication and courage to help navigate the way forward in business, culture, community, and government.  


  • One Nation sees everyone as a genuine leader and seeks to reveal the leadership genius and empowering context for every person to rise and share their unique insights, skills, and interests to participate in the One Nation mission and to create a more exceptional society in all domains of life. 


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This site is paid for by the LIFE2020 Committee.  One Nation Party USA is not yet legally recognized as a Major Party. We plan to be by 2021.  The LIFE2020 Committee, housed by the legal entity One Nation Party IRS 527, is the initial committee and legal entity initiating the One Nation Party USA brand, platform and membership.  We are using this campaign to launch the party.  All forms of participation in the One Nation Party USA brand in 2020 are managed by the LIFE2020 Committee.