One Nation is a network of people, from all backgrounds and previous political affiliations, dedicated to utilizing our existing democratic institutions to create maximal societal transformations.


We range in age, ethnicity, interests, religion and political ideology. What unites us is our desire to live in a country and world in which we have the maturity to hold different perspectives, yet know we are on the same team. We share a vision of a thriving future in which all people are free to live purposeful, meaningful lives, and in which humans, technology and nature co-evolve for the benefit of all life.


As the new voting majority and the next generation stepping into leadership, inheriting a massive set of crises and responsibilities, millenials are the driving generation of the political rise and the One Nation network. While we seek to engage all generations, one of our primary goals is to create a platform for millennials to steward our cities, states and nation as we rise to provide our leadership in this time of great transition.


One of the defining characteristics of One Nation and the political rise is a commitment to integrating diverse perspectives. One Nation is a home for every political background and a place for the best qualities of all political traditions, including:

  • Republican 

  • Democratic 

  • Independent 

  • Libertarian

  • Green 

  • Constitutionalists

  • Tea Party 

  • Our Revolution 

  • Anarchists

  • Other Independent Parties  

  • Politically Disengaged 


One Nation is committed to participating in mass social organizing for systemic transformation. Our network is inspired by, and welcomes, all who are currently, or have previously identified with, any of the following movements:

  • Indigenous Rights 

  • Environmental Protection

  • Civil Rights

  • Anti-Corruption

  • Occupy 

  • Extinction Rebellion 

  • Sunrise Movement 

  • New Age / Festival 

  • And much more...


One Nation is inspired by, and welcomes, those who identify with various emerging domains of thought:

  • Systems Design 

  • Regenerative Systems 

  • Metamodernism 

  • Holism / Interbeing  

  • Integral Theory



As a member of One Nation, I stand and act, to protect and enhance human dignity and free choice, the resilience of all forms of life, and the natural planetary systems from which we all rise.


In order to fulfill this, I commit to cultivating my capacities to: 

  • Know myself, and take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions 

  • Know each other, through inquiry, listening and considering different perspectives

  • Know the world, as holistically as possible, through enhanced sense-making

  • Create all-win solutions designed to improve the quality of life for all

  • Empower others to rise in their all-win leadership


In doing so, I affirm the importance of: 

  • Healing individual and collective trauma,  

  • Building networks able to garner collective action,

  • Providing leadership and creating maximum impact during this societal phase-change,

  • Redesigning human civilization around human sovereignty, quality of life and wise integration between humanity, technology and the connected systems of life on Earth; and,

  • Running experiments that explore more efficient, effective and meaningful ways of organizing our social and material world.   


As a member of One Nation, I do not pledge my allegiance to any person, party or institution, but to my relationship with myself, fellow humans and the natural world.  


I align with and support the mission and functions of One Nation because I expect to best achieve the aspirations I have for myself, and our world, as a person within this network.  


Together, may we all generate and experience the quality of life, liberty and happiness we seek.