A One Nation Forum is a space to invite people who are not yet familiar with One Nation to gather and learn about it together.  


If you have a handful of people you would like to share One Nation with at the same time in a semi-formal setting, a Forum could be just the right solution.  Sometimes it is best to invite people to a specific event with a specific purpose to provide meaningful exposure to One Nation and to make an official invitation to join the network. 


Some of the following types of people could be great to invite to a Forum: friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, community members, groups you are affiliated with through sports, religion/ spirituality, other interests, contacts you have organized with in the past for other initiatives, etc. 


A Forum can have as little as one other person or as many as 20, 30 or more if you are ready to host and facilitate that size of a group. 


If you have at least one person you would like to formally share One Nation with beyond having a casual exchange, then you are ready to schedule a Forum! 


  • Consider if there are any other One Nation members in your area who may like to team up with you to host your Forum. 

  • Determine date & location

  • Determine time

    • Although you can hold a Forum at any time, we have found that 6 pm to 9 pm is the best schedule. People arrive between 6:00 and 6:20 for a little mingling and then you can start promptly at 6:30, be done with the structured part of the evening by 8:30 and mingle/ integrate until 9:00 pm. 

  • Create a FB Event as an online hub to promote your Forum.  You can use some or all of our template copy in your FB event description.

  • Make a list of contacts you would like to invite to the event.  

  • Invite each of them via the FB event invite function. Also, follow up with each invite through text message, FB messenger, email, phone or in-person to let them know you invited them to a ‘transformational political conversation’ and you hope they will attend. 

  • Make public posts about your event if you are inspired to do so. 

  • Feel free to make a post to the FB Members Unite Group with the FB event so that other members who have contacts in your area can invite their contacts to your Forum as well to further weave the network. 

  • Go through the Forum Playlist on the One Nation USA Youtube channel and select the Forum recording you feel most inspired to share at your Forum. 

  • Print a copy of the Membership Ethos for each participant who will be present. (click here to download)

  • Print one email signup form. (click here to download email signup form)

  • Follow up with those who express interest 48 hours before the Forum to remind them of the upcoming event and invite them to bring a friend. 

  • The day of, prepare a space for the approximate number of guests you expect to sit comfortably. Also prepare some basic snacks including crackers, hummus, fruit, veggies, and water. 

  • Ensure that your guests will be able to hear the video you will play for them. You may need to attach speakers to your laptop to increase the volume.

  • Have all preparations complete prior to 6:00 pm, so by 6:00 pm you are fresh, present and ready to welcome your guests.



  • Gather everyone to be seated by 6:30 pm. 

  • Welcome everyone and share with them your personal story of getting involved with One Nation. 

    • Why did you become a member?

    • What has inspired you?  What has impacted you?

    • Why have you organized this event and brought your guests together?

  • Provide a frame-up of the evening

    • “The purpose of the Forum is to share with you more about One Nation, and invite you to get involved if you feel aligned.”

    • “First we are going to start with introductions.”

    • “Then we will start with a simple, but impactful exercise”

    • “Then we will play a ~30 Min recording from the founder of One Nation Christopher Life when he shared about One Nation at a recent Forum like this.” 

    • “Then we will open it to a discussion to discuss the share”

    • “Then I will check in to see who would like to get more involved by registering as a member.”  

    • “I promise that you will be free to go by 9:00 pm!” 

    • “We won’t take a group break through the event, so if you need to use the restroom or get some snacks or water simply help yourself.”

  • INTRODUCTIONS - 6:35pm 

    • Ask everyone to share their name and “their reason for being there.”

      • If you have a larger group, make sure that people only share a couple of sentences each.  If the group is smaller, longer shares are nice and build intimacy. 

  • GROUP PRACTICE - 6:45pm

    • “In this group practice, we are going to invite everyone to share one thing that most pains them when they look at the world today and then one thing that they are most excited about that is possible in the future.” 
    • Let the group know you are going to be asking them two questions, having them share their answers with a partner and then invite some people to share with the whole group. 

    • PART 1

      • Invite the group to relax and close their eyes.

        • “Imagine the world today and notice what about the world gives you a sense of pain when you notice what is not working, what you are not satisfied with, what angers you, what frightens you. When you look at the world today, what gives you the greatest sense of pain?” 

      • Then invite the group to open their eyes, pair up and share their answers with their partner. Give them four minutes for both to share their answers with each other. 

      • Then you can open up to the group and take a couple of shares while the group is together. 

      • Once that process is complete ask everyone to take a couple of breaths. Sometimes it can feel a bit dense after this part of the exercise. The point is to feel the pain, the discomfort and the tragedy. Do you best to support the group in feeling these feelings and taking several breaths with them. 

    • PART 2

      • Ask the group to close their eyes again.  

        • “Now look at the world again, but this time notice what IS working. Notice what is inspiring you about the world we live in. What gives you the greatest amount of joy, hope and confidence in humanity? What do you see working well? Now look to the future and imagine what is possible. What is your best case scenario for the direction the world goes? If you could write the script of what happens next, what would you write?”

      • They invite the group to open their eyes and share their answer with the same partner. They each have two minutes to share. 

      • After these shares are done you can invite some of your guests to share their answers with the group.

      • The energy in the room should be getting lighter and more positive. 

      • Thank the group for their participation in the exercise and let them know that the difference between the world with the pain and the future world they see is possible is their leadership. Let them know that One Nation is a network devoted to raising each members’ leadership so we can create the most exceptional society yet! 

  • CORE SHARE - 7:10pm

    • Let the group know that you are going to play a recording of the founder speaking about One Nation. Let them know that it is a message that you resonate with and that you are excited to share it with them. 

    • Play the audio recording. Playing from a laptop or TV is good.  Ensure that the volume is high enough. 

    • Once the audio recording is complete turn off the device. 

  • DISCUSSION - 7:45pm

    • Open up the space for the group to share personal shares about the impact the Core Share had on them. How do they feel personally?

    • Once people share personally, then you can open up the space for people to share more generally around what is most alive for them that they would want to share or discuss.

  • INVITATION - 8:15 pm

    • Let people know that the last part of the evening is a direct invitation for them to join the One Nation network as you have.  You respect a ‘No, or not yet’ completely, but if a person says ‘YES’ you want to create space for them to register. 

    • Let them know that there are many programs for members once they are registered including local chapters, online community, field organizer opportunities, personal leadership development opportunities and more! 

    • Let them know that there are two fundamental aspects of membership

      • 1 - That they are aligned with the Membership Ethos - pass out to read

      • 2 - That may OPTIONALLY support movement financially.  Please refer to the membership page for the most up-to-date information on membership support amounts. 

    • Ask to see a raise of hands of anyone ready to register as a member.

    • For those who say YES, you can let them know they can complete their registration tonight digitally on their phone or on your computer at

    • Pass out the email signup form on a clipboard and invite everyone there to join the email list at least to stay informed and included in the national rollout of One Nation Party USA. 


    • Thank everyone for coming, share any personal closing sentiments. Let people know they are welcome to stay and mingle, but that the meeting is over and everyone is free to go. 



  • Send a quick message to all attendees thanking them for coming.

  • Send the link to the youtube video of the Core Share you played to everyone who could not make it so at least they can listen to that. 

  • Input all the email addresses you collected, one-by-one into the Opt-In form on OneNation.Party homepage.

  • Make a post in the FB Community letting us know how the experience was for you.  What went well? What did you learn? What didn’t go well?


Thank you for stepping up and expanding the network! 


Together we rise.