One Nation Party USA Template Engagement Email




Thank you for your interest, excitement and willingness to help build the One Nation collective by sending out emails to your friends, family and audience to let them know that you have been inspired by One Nation and the potential it holds, and they might be as well. 


The email below is a template.   


Feel free to use it exactly as it is, or modify it to say whatever is most accurate for you! 


  • Select a subject line (or create your own)

  • Copy and paste the content below 

  • Add your name at the bottom 

  • Add, subtract or change anything you want 

  • Select the recipients and press send! 


At this stage, peer-to-peer sharing through email is one of our primary sources of exposure, so by saying yes to this, whether you send it to 5 or 5 Million, it makes a difference!  





Subject Line A: Are You Ready for a New Party?  I Am.

Subject Line B: A New Synergistic Political Movement, with a New Party to Boot!

Subject Line C: Finally, Systemic Transformation Represented in Politics! 

Subject Line D: The Bold Transformational Social Movement We’ve Been Waiting For… 

Subject Line E: Finally, My Spiritual Principles Represented in Politics! 

Subject Line F: It’s Finally Time to Get Political. This is What I Have Been Waiting For! 

Subject Line F: The Mature Revolutionary Leadership We’ve Been Waiting For



Friends - 


I am writing you today to let you know I’ve come across something new, something I think we are ready for, and that we need. 


One Nation Party USA is a new American political party.  But it doesn’t stop there. 

One Nation stands for a whole new, synergistic, all-win paradigm of political thinking.  


They get that we need to think more comprehensively and earnestly about issues. They get that we need better process and fewer opinions. They get that we need to take multiple perspectives on every issue, think holistically and ask more questions.  Basically, they just get it. 


It’s like the sanity, creativity, maturity and healthy power I have always known we need is actually coming online. 


One Nation gets that so many of us are suffering deeply, and that, at the core of most of our suffering is personal, collective and intergenerational trauma that must be met and healed. 


They get that it’s not about making changes within our political system, but to it. 


They get that it’s time for the creation of a thriving vision for the next thousand years of humanity so we can all start steering towards a new world.  And they are committed to the courage, wisdom and persistence needed to call for and ensure the systemic transformations we need in health, economics, food production, infrastructure, energy, education and so much more. 


They get that the United States is our nation, and requires careful leadership internally.  At the same time, they understand that we are all a fully interconnected, interdependent, international human family and one family of life on Earth.  


I feel like they really get what’s important and are able to lead in the political scene, while staying in integrity with deeper principles. 


AND, they are bringing all this to a head with a bold 2020 Presidential REBIRTH Campaign to launch the party nationwide. 


One Nation stands to create an immediate impact in the short term, but more than that, they are committed to a multi-decade process of ensuring that a higher level of care, integrity and vision step into the positions of leadership of our cities, states and nation so we can actually build fundamentally new, and better, aspects of our society.  


If any of this rings a bell for you, I encourage you to go to www.OneNation.Party and join their mailing list.  I have.  And, if you feel aligned, you can read the emails they send and register as a member too! 


Ok, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share with you what I have found and trust that if you have been looking for this, waiting for this, or praying for this, you’ll take it from here. 


  • Your Name



P.S. Here are three videos presentations from the founder, Christopher Life, that you may be interested in: What is One Nation?, The One Nation Platform, The 2020 Campaign to REBIRTH Our World

If nothing else, be sure to get on their mailing list → www.OneNation.Party