Government has a profound impact on society. Government determines the laws that enable the way the economy operates, the laws that protect citizens from harm, the policies that determine who goes to prison and who is allowed to use violence to suppress, kill and destroy. 


Government is so powerful that it’s critical we understand how it operates, and ensure that it’s working optimally so those in office who wield this great power do so for the good of the public and not for personal gain. 


Our democracy has become systemically corrupted so the state can increasingly be used as a vehicle to generate personal gain. This is abuse of what could otherwise be a sacred contract between elected officials and citizens to steward our nation with responsibility, maturity, integrity and care. 


In addition to corruption, government processes have been inherently inadequate to deal with the complexity of our opportunities and challenges. Elected officials need to have a profound increase in their ability to make sense of the world themselves so they can make better decisions. They need to heal themselves from traumas that will enable them to be more loving, creative and wise. Our systems need to become more adaptive, more effective and more connected to the citizenry. 


We have a vision for a deep upgrade to our economic systems and making the upgrading of the apparatus of government one of our highest priorities. 


Critical upgrades to democracy include:

  • Truth and reconciliation for humanitarian abuses by the US government

  • Disclosure of classified documents

  • Financial and communications transparency of elected officials 

  • Zero tolerance for use of office for personal gain

  • Preventing elected officials from being hired by the private sector

  • Digital, interactive access for citizens into government & AI supported decision-making

  • Rank-choice voting to increase civic engagement and prevent another two-party system

  • Termination of the Republican and Democratic parties on grounds of systemic corruption 


One Nation is a network of citizens dedicated to working on our democracy so it can work better - and more fairly - for us and our children. Now is the time to undertake systemic transformations to our government to liberate ourselves from the cycles of corruption, incompetence and abuse that will continue their downward spiral until we rise to create stark change. 


Be a part of the political rise, find your role in creating the future of democracy, and support this mission by registering as a member of One Nation Party USA. 


Together we rise.