If politics means stewardship of the place we call home, a political party is a network of citizens working together to elect representatives who will steward their shared home responsibly. 


The agendas behind our political parties shape society, as they use their coordinated energy to  elect leaders who create laws and allocate state budgets that determine how government serves, or abuses, the public. 


If those who manufacture weapons run a party, then the government will go to war often.  

If those who manufacture medications run a party, then the government will create a healthcare system that profits on sickness.

And those who don’t organize at all, watch society morph to the will of those who do.  


If we want a government dedicated to the safety and well-being of all people, and all life on earth, then those who care about holistic thriving and systemic change need to organize politically. 


The future will be determined by those who organize new parties, today.