This map provides an overview of member locations.  The map operates at the level of granularity of zip code and first name to protect member privacy while enabling members to find each other. NOTE: some members may be hidden behind the same pin of others with the same zip code.  Reference the list below for additional information.  If you seek to connect with other members connect with them via our members FB Group or email to request an email introduction to other members in your area. 


TEXT:   ONE NATION   to  31996

to stay in touch by text. 

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This site is paid for by the LIFE2020 Committee.  One Nation Party USA is not yet legally recognized as a Major Party. We plan to be by 2021.  The LIFE2020 Committee, housed by the legal entity One Nation Party IRS 527, is the initial committee and legal entity initiating the One Nation Party USA brand, platform and membership.  We are using this campaign to launch the party.  All forms of participation in the One Nation Party USA brand in 2020 are managed by the LIFE2020 Committee.