Discovery Calls are designed to help members simultaneously connect to each other, while revealing, clarifying, and empowering their role within the network.  We are not simply looking for volunteers to do repeatable tasks, but for each member to truly find their unique role of leadership in the network that is deeply valuable to the mission, and inherently rewarding to the member.  We believe that this true synergy is possible when we are careful to find the right expression of leadership for each member. This process requires discovery and support. The Discovery Call program sets you up with a 60 Min call with a different member every other week as you co-discover and empower your own leadership in the party.  As your role becomes clear, you can opt-out of the Discovery Call program, or stay in it to continue connecting to more members within the network and support others in finding their leadership.

We encourage ALL MEMBERS who are not actively engaged in their unique role in the network to be a part of the Discovery Call Program.  Your OneNation 'job,' before you have a specific role, is to connect with other members and explore how you best fit in.  Everyone fits in, it's just a matter of time and care to reveal the perfect fit! 


If you are engaged within the network, but want to stay in the program to help initiate new members and continue meeting additional members, please do so as long as you like!  We like to connect new members with more seasoned members for their first calls. 


Members organically transition out of the Discovery Call program as their participation becomes clarified and their interest for connecting with other members is met through their active engagement and collaboration. 

This program is available only for registered members.  If you would like to join this program and have not yet registered as a member of the network, you can register here.

"Loving the Discovery Calls. Great way to connect with other members. Great way to brainstorm, and creatively explore my own gifts and passions and gain insights on how I can bring my gifts and passions to One Nation. And more importantly, being in conversation with other members is essential to the unfoldment of the fabric of One Nation as we aim at leading the way to a governance system where all citizens have a voice!"

- One Nation member