The purpose of the Discovery Call program is to help clarify your unique participation & leadership within One Nation and the world. 


Your unique expression of leadership is a combination of your background, interests, skills, enjoyment and aspirations deployed within the context and mission of One Nation. 


This process of discovery typically follows the following stages.


Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 4.12.33 PM.png


  • In this phase, it is best to explore your background, skills, interest and the types of things you would like to experience and the ways in which you would like to grow and participate.  


    • Is there a particular skill or capacity you are interested in developing?

    • What are you most interested in creating, with or without the context of One Nation?

    • Do you feel like your whole life experience has been preparing you for something? What?

    • What types of creative activities are most intrinsically rewarding/ fulfilling/ fun for you

  • OUTCOME: General sense of participation categories of interest.  I.e. ‘I like helping to connect people, research, and I love the Los Angeles area.’


  • You are now ready to explore some scenarios in which your unique interests could be expressed as participation and leadership within the network.  


    • What is something you would like to do with or without involvement with One Nation?

    • What path of engagement would help you cultivate a skill/ capacity that is meaningful to you?

    • If you could wave a magic wand and accomplish anything for the network, what would it be?

    • What limitation of the current state of One Nation are you most attuned to?  Is it possible that you may be able to fill the gap you see?

    • What is the boldest expression of leadership within One Nation that you can imagine!? 

    • Of the opportunities we just explored, which most excites you?

  • OUTCOME: Answer the question, if I could do anything within the One Nation network, what would be the most fun? Yes, invent something new and trust your instincts.  



  • Now, hold a possibility of engagement and consider it thoughtfully. You can now share this possibility with your call partners to further flush it out and get additional perspectives.  Also consider posting this possibility in the One Nation Community group to get feedback from others.   


    • Would you consider making a post on the One Nation Community group to share your thinking thus far, and get insight from the org team and other members?

  • OUTCOME: Be able to clearly state the possibility of engagement and converse with others about the viability of it. 


  • Once the avenue of engagement is beginning to shape up, you can begin to prepare for action. Can you draft an action plan? What does your call partner think would be good steps to prepare for action?  What needs to be thought through; who should you communicate with; and, what would be the path towards taking the next step? 


    • What would be the next step to take action on that idea?

    • What support would you need to take the next step?

    • Do you feel you have any personal blocks keeping you back from your leadership/participation?

    • What experiment could you run to learn more about the idea you have?

    • What would be the smallest version of the idea you could take action on without delay or any dependencies?

    • Who would you like to/ should you speak to about this?

    • How could your interest in participating integrate into existing functions/ efforts/ activities/ plans/ needs/ roadmap within the network? 

  • OUTCOME: You are ready to take the first/ next step of action.



  • In the action phase you are clear what you are doing and you are taking action. You are sharing with your call partner the action you are taking and using your call time to discuss what is working, where there may be room for improvement, what is next and any challenges you are facing.  


    • What are you learning from the action you are taking?

    • What are your next steps?

    • Who do you want to connect to next regarding this?

    • Are there any concerns, blindspots, liabilities you have not yet accounted for?

    • Where would you like this to go from here?

  • OUTCOME: You are a fully engaged One Nation member in a way that feels fulfilling and exciting.



  1. Receive the bi-weekly program email and identify your call partner for this round. 

  2. Read his/her bio. 

  3. Text or email your partner on Sunday or Monday to schedule your 60 min call.

  4. Identify the mode of connection: phone, Facetime, Zoom, other. 



  1. When you start your call, greet your partner, identify which of the 5 stages of discovery you are in and determine who will go first.  

  2. Focus on achieving the outcome of your respective stage, while supporting your partner in achieving the outcome of their respective stage.  

  3. Restate the progress made on the call and where you will pick up with your next assignee.

  4. Feel free to connect in any and all other ways that feel natural and consensual. 



  1. Once the call has occurred take one minute to mark on Column B that the call occurred (Y) and add any comments about your call experience in Column A.



  • Move forward from your last call, don’t simply repeat the same information as you did in your previous call.  This process is designed to move forward!


If your partners never communicate with you while you attempt to schedule OR if they do schedule and are a no-show for the call, please write that into the notes in Column A so we can administer accordingly.  Please stay positive about the program, receive your next assignment, and go forward.


You are encouraged to make posts in the One Nation Community Facebook Group to share your process and seek feedback, especially regarding stage 3. Also, once you are well into stage 5, please make a post letting us all know the result of the program and what your One Nation participation has become!


If you have any questions about the program itself, if you cannot participate in an upcoming round for any reason, if you would like to request a call assignment with any particular person, or particular type of person (perhaps based on location, interest or expertise) or if you are complete with the program and want to remove yourself from the bi-weekly call assignments, please email