One Nation Chapters are the most basic unit of organization in the party. Like organs are to an organism, Chapters provide both the form and function of One Nation.  


Chapters provide a context for relationships to grow, personal development to flourish, and the organization required for action to occur. 


Chapters are able to chart their own path of priorities, function and execution based upon the will, inspiration, ability and persistence of the members. 


Monthly Meetup: 

The basic unit of organizing within a Chapter is the monthly, in-person Meetup.  According to the interest of the Chapter members, and the guidance of the Facilitators, monthly meetups may entail various segments including: a segment to connect socially, a segment to practice and cultivate further embodiment of various characteristics of the all-win paradigm and/or a segment to explore generative capacities of the circle to further the OneNation mission through expanding the network and progressing the 2020 ALL-WIN Campaign. Meetups should generally be scheduled for no longer than two or three hours. 



  • Facilitator(s) 

    • The Facilitator/s designated to lead a given Meetup is/are responsible for crafting the flow, content and experience of the next Meetup.  The Facilitator directs the Meetup to achieve the intended outcomes as envisioned. Multiple Facilitators may elect to work together on any given Meetup or may alternate between Meetups.  

  • Host(s) 

    • The Host provides the physical convening space and any other associated logistics for the Meetup.

  • Community Support (internal)

    • The Community Support role keeps a roster with contact information of all Active Chapter Members.  Community Support communicates between Meetups any pertinent information, announcements, or updates for the Chapter, including a reminder and seeking RSVP’s for upcoming Meetups. 

  • Invitation Lead (external)

    • The Invitation Lead is someone comfortable speaking generally about the nature and mission of OneNation, the 2020 ALL-WIN Campaign and inviting non-members to register as members. 

  • Action Lead(s)

    • As the Chapter arrives at clarity on ways to organize and actions to take to expand the network and further the mission, one or multiple Action Leads are identified to help ensure the success of any given Chapter Action Plan. 


Being an Active Chapter Member:

Being an ‘Active’ Chapter Member entails being an Active Member of OneNation, regularly attending Chapter Meetups, participating in personal growth activities, participating in Chapter Action Plans when possible and fulfilling any other commitments made in relationship to personal Chapter participation. All Active Chapter Members have a role of stewardship of their Chapter regardless of whether or not they have an Active Role. 


Chapter Size: 

Generally Chapters mature and reach capacity when they have sustained 12 or more Active Members over a 3 consecutive month period. At this time, it is best for the Chapter to divide ensuring that the two new Chapters have the right resources and leadership needed to persist.  



Anyone invited may attend a Meetup. Registered OneNation Members are the only ones able to hold Roles and considered as Active Chapter Members.  


Non-member attendees should be provided some general information about One Nation by the Invitation Lead and invited to register as a member - or at least register for the general email list.   


Activating a Chapter 

To Activate an official Chapter the following are required: 

  • At least two registered Members of One Nation commit to be Active Chapter Members in a Chapter together.

  • A Facilitator, Host & Community Support role are selected.  One person can hold multiple roles. 

  • The dates and locations for the first three Meetups are secured.  


Meetup Elements


1] Play - Socializing

Meetups should start with some element allowing for informal connection between members. Some examples of socializing offerings include: 

  • Potluck meal

  • Potluck dessert

  • Short walk/ hike/ nature experience

  • Tea & mingle 

  • Music, board games, social games


2] Practice - Personal Growth Practices and Capacity-Building

Meetups may include a component focused on the personal and leadership development of Chapter Members. Some examples include:

  • One Nation Congress (specialized One Nation process, see protocol document)

  • Inquiry Process (specialized One Nation process, see protocol document)

  • Specialized empowerment topics including understanding personal trauma release, communication skills, holistic thinking and the formation of all-win solutions. (see suggested protocol documents)

  • Specialized education topics including watching and discussing a video or reading and discussing an article.  (see suggested protocol documents)


3] Contribution - Organizing for Action

  • Hosting a Regional Convergence meetup for members and contacts in the greater region beyond the immediate Chapter

  • Hosting an Enrollment Forum for prospective members in the region.

  • Progressing Ballot-Access Measures 

  • Progressing State Party Registration Measures

  • Participating in a Major Event for the 2020 ALL-WIN Campaign

  • Community Demonstration and Outreach Efforts

  • Community Service Efforts

  • Other Targeted Strategic Actions 


Scheduling Requirements: 

  • At any given time, the Community Support ensures the Chapter has 3 consecutive monthly Meetups scheduled.  



  • If a Chapter or an individual Chapter Member elects to disengage, disband, or merge with another Chapter, it is best to announce that decision to the group.


Engagement with Party Central Organization:

The Party will have a Central Contact to provide support to those holding Active Chapter Roles.  One Nation Chapters are a living experiment of decentralized organization. Please provide input and feedback to the Central Contact when clarity emerges in regards to what seems to be working well, or what is not working well.  As we learn from all operating Chapters, we will be able to better support the entire field of Chapters.


Are you ready to steward a One Nation Chapter?