The Great Civilization Project has begun. It is an emergent, synergistic, decentralized movement of designers and futurists coming together to design, prototype and model new solutions and new systems for an all-win human civilization. 


Our collapsing civilization compels us to experiment with different ways of creating value in all sectors of society including health, food, education, economics and governance. Once we’ve experimented with a diverse array of holistic strategies, we will then spend decades combining, refining and scaling new templates from all sectors. 


One of our partners, Civilization Redesign, is a non-profit research organization focused on aggregating, developing, experimenting with and distributing new templates in all domains, to accelerate the existing world-wide movement for civilization redesign. 


Civilization Redesign is in its early stages, but you are invited to get involved as a funder, advocate, volunteer researcher, or Fellow if you have a specific new civilization template you are developing. 

The ultimate goal of Civilization Redesign is to generate public policy that local and national governments can readily adopt and deploy to accelerate initiatives that help our people and planet to heal, our government to operate transparently, justly and responsibly, and new economic models to proliferate that revolve around holistic thriving of all people and nature.