For the past ten thousands years we have been running experiments about how to create the best human civilization. We have run experiments around technology, food, governance, industry, economics, education, spirituality and social affairs.


Perhaps the most important lesson-learned from our latest experiment of western civilization is that the society we have created is inherently self-terminating. A system based upon extractions, division and fear, accompanied by exponential technologies like atomic weapons and artificial intelligence will inevitably destroy itself and could leave our planet looking uncomfortably similar to Mars. 


The future we want will not come by making incremental modifications to our existing systems, nor do we need dystopian collapse to reset humanity. 


We have a choice right now to undergo a concerted planetary initiative to integrate all of our lessons learned from the last ten thousands years, integrated with indigenous wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge, to redesign human civilization. We are calling upon governments, humanitarian agencies, companies, inventors, funders, policy writers and passionate citizens around the world to unleash a fury of experiments in all domains to learn about new models of organizing society. 


These experiments can lead to critical, evidence-based learnings that can then be implemented by mayors, national officials, private sector leaders and citizens around the world. 


Within two decades we can implement a redesigned planetary human civilization that revolves around the holistic thriving of all people and is harmoniously integrated with technology and nature. 


What is the future of food, energy, transportation, education, work, technology, community, individual purpose and spirituality? 


How do we systematize healing from psychological, emotional and physical trauma worldwide? 


How do we retrofit and reorganize the systems, structures and assets of the previous era to maximally serve the birth of a new one?


What could an all-win human civilization look like, feel like, and require?


What is your role in redesigning human civilization?


One Nation’s purpose revolves around calling for civilization redesign and becoming the stewards of American government locally and nationally, to further advocate for civilization redesign and leverage existing government institutions to run experiments, fund developments and implement new societal templates at scale to accelerate societal transformations.  


Now is the time for a blossoming of candidates, voters, funders, policy writers, policy advocates, media, educational institutions and celebrities to organize politically around civilization redesign.     


Register as a member of One Nation to ensure this happens, find your role, and join the networks of thousands of others devoted to the same mission. 


Together we rise.