This page is a guide to help you understand membership in One Nation, discover if membership registration is the right fit for you and to support you in completing your membership registration.

Follow these eight steps yourself or watch the VIDEO OVERVIEW HERE



Every person on Earth is already a member of the one human

nation, and every person has a role to play in improving the

condition of our human family and natural world. In that regard,

you are already a member of the one human nation. 


You are now being invited to officially register as a member of

One Nation Party USA, which is a political network that knows

we are all already connected and is devoted to creating political

transformations so that our governance systems reflect our

understanding that we are one human family, and providing wise and mature stewardship as we rise together.


Being a member is a promise to participate in the fulfillment of our mission. 


And, in order to fulfill this shared mission, there are certain ways we need to be in order to do it.  Therefore, being a member is also an affirmation that the principles stated below are ones you aspire to embody. 


Ultimately, we are inviting you to join us as we inspire and empower those ready to answer their call to purpose, leadership, and service for the benefit of all. 

Every single person, from the most introverted, to the most outgoing, from the most educated to the most poor, from the most available to the most busy, from all races, backgrounds, and interests, has a role to play in participating in our shared mission. We are dedicated to helping each member find a role of participation that matches their interest and innate genius. 



    • Know that you are contributing to a systemic solution dedicated to systemic transformations, civilization redesign and practical, tangible, actualized planetary paradise. 


    • Connect meaningfully with diverse people in your neighborhood, across the country and around the world who share a similar devotion to humanity, life on Earth and our most positive collective potential that you do. 


    • Be invited, encouraged, empowered and challenged to rise into the greatest version of yourself as you participate in our shared mission through your unique expressions of leadership. 


    • So many yearn to meaningfully engage in a collaborative context in which they can give their unique gifts in synergistic relationship with others doing the same. This is a call to co-creation of the highest order! 


Please read this entire page to learn about and complete your registration process.




Our mission is to integrate those dedicated to planetary paradise, to empower all-win leaders to steward civilization re-design in all sectors and at all scales, to utilize the existing systems of government to accelerate societal transformations that enable our individual and collective potential, and to inspire all people to realize and remember that we are all creators on a shared mission.

Are you inspired to participate in the

fulfillment of this mission?




In order to fulfill our shared mission, we need to become the leaders the world needs us to be.  This set of principles represents many of the core facets of leadership we strive to embody and promote as individuals and as a collective.  


1.    Know Yourself

  • Cultivate Self-Awareness

  • Take Responsibility For Your Experience 

  • Embody Your Ideals

  • Activate Your Personal Genius

  • Express Yourself Freely in Word & Action


2.    Know Each Other

  • Respect Each Other

  • Listen to Each Other 

  • Empathize With Each Other

  • Communicate Effectively

  • See Each Others’ Perspectives 

3.    Know the World

  • Inquire Perpetually

  • Seek Holistic Understanding

  • Feel the Pain & Joy

  • Participate & Experience to Know 

  • Integrate Perspectives To Improve Sense-Making

4.    Create All-Win Solutions

  • Be As Generative As Possible

  • Serve Your Sense Of Purpose 

  • Create, Run, Integrate, Iterate & Scale Experiments

  • Grow Paradise Around You For All 

  • Live All-In for All Life  


5.    Empower All-Win Leaders

  • Inspire Each Other Into Leadership 

  • Invite Each Other To Commit to Greatness

  • Initiate Each Other Into All-Win Culture

  • Facilitate Each Others’ Empowerment 

  • Expand the Network of All-Win Leaders

Are you inspired to cultivate these principles of leadership?



If you answered YES to alignment with our mission and leadership principles, you are a member of this shared mission and we invite you to formally assert your alignment by completing this short membership registration form. Your registration and membership in the network is official when you submit this form.




This year we are establishing One Nation as a new American political party in service to systemic transformation and our collective potential through our LIFE2020 launch campaign. 


Commitments of LIFE2020 Campaign 

  • Create Maximum Exposure of One Nation Party USA Brand

  • Build Initial National Network of Members Committed to the Long-Term Mission

  • Establish All-Win Political Paradigm & Culture 

  • Integrate Existing Movements, Organizations, Networks & Leaders

  • Expand Public’s Awareness About Needed Systemic Transformations

  • Share A Coherent Civilization Re-Design Plan for Humanity for Next 20 Years

  • Reveal a Coherent Vision of a Thriving Planetary Society 



We encourage ALL MEMBERS to participate financially in the fulfillment of our shared mission.  Your financial participation this year plays a direct and vital role in achieving all of our LIFE2020 Campaign commitments. 


New members are encouraged to provide a generous one-time membership activation contribution to help accelerate and nourish our mission financially.


Members are also encouraged to contribute a monthly subscription offering to help us build a strong financial foundation funded by and for our members. 


You are encouraged to select a monthly backing of support closest to 1% of your monthly income. 


100% of our use-of-funds are publicly reported. 100% of funds are carefully stewarded through a holacracy governance process and allocated to vendors, projects, assets and team explicitly connected to the fulfilling the next steps of our launch. 


Thank you for stepping up to fuel and fund our mission to empower and deploy all-win leaders into every sector over the years and decades to come so we can manifest the all-win world we want.  


Complete the form below to provide your one-time activation contribution and monthly backing support. 




Now that you have registered as a member, your next step is to leverage our existing membership programs to craft your own membership experience.  Membership is as much and as rich of an experience as you make it. We encourage you to explore our programs meaningfully, determine which channels of participation call to you first and schedule the time to engage! 




As a member, committed to expanding the network, we now invite you to share our mission with others and invite them to become partners in the fulfillment of our mission as you have. 


Some steps you can take right away: 

  • Share with others why you chose to become a member of One Nation

  • Invite others to watch our Announcement Video designed to start the conversation 

  • Invite others to read more on our website, subscribe to our social media channels, come to a local chapter meeting with you or participate in any of our other public offerings. 

  • Walk interested friends through this 8-stage process as well!