to integrate those dedicated to planetary paradise, to empower all-win leaders to steward civilization re-design in all sectors and at all scales, to utilize the existing systems of government to accelerate societal transformations that enable our individual and collective potential, and to inspire all people to realize and remember that we are all creators on a shared mission.


  • Activate One Nation Party USA as new political party representing the Political Rise, providing ballot access to ‘Political Rise’ candidates at municipal, state and national levels.   

  • Establish ‘Political Rise’ as a domain of political organizing, completely distinct from the ‘Political Left’ and ‘Political Right’ dedicated to integration, holism, synergy, unity, the transformation of extractive societal systems to regenerative systems, and all-win leadership. 

  • Establish All-Win Mindset as a new political paradigm and standard by which to train and hold ourselves and leaders of society accountable to ensuring that solutions and creations are designed for the benefit of all. 

  • Create All-Win Leadership training and empowerment capacities. I.e. All-Win Leadership Academy 

  • Develop Civilization Redesign & All-Win Policy Development capacities through the All-Win Civilization Policy Center

2020 FOCUS:

LIFE2020 is the first One Nation Presidential Campaign designed as an activating national campaign to generate awareness, attention, engagement, support, resources, organizing and capacitation for One Nation Party USA, Political Rise, All-Win Political Mindset, All-Win Leadership & All-Win Civilization Policy Center. 


In order to operate as financially efficient and coherent as possible, the founding One Nation team has moved into a house together in Vista, CA, brought each of our living expenses down to a minimum and have gone ‘all-in’ to activate this mission this year.


In the month of March, we are activating substantial administrative, media creation and media publishing capacities.  By the end of the month we will have reliable and inspiring video, copy and image creation capacities in place. April will be a focused month of content creation and distribution as a critical component of activating the next stage of the national launch campaign.

Core Living Expenses (Rent, Foods, Auto, Insurance, Subscriptions)
Contractor Fees
Media Distribution ($100 / day Promotion Budget)
Developmental Expenditures (Equipments / Office)
Travel & Logistics


We are actualizing our mission through multiple legal entities.  The one we are fundraising for in this proposal is One Nation Party, which is an IRS 527, and is the legal entity housing the LIFE2020 Committee, which is the legal entity predecessor of the One Nation Party USA National Committee. 


We can only receive financial resources from individuals, who are US Citizens or Green Card holders.

We have a $5,600 contribution limitation per donor per election cycle.  This means that you can only give up to $5,600 between now and November 2020.  


You are encouraged to participate by either: 

  1. Maxing out your contribution limit through a one-time contribution of $5,600. 

  2. Making a substantial one-time contribution of $1,000 - $5,000 

  3. And/or, making an automatic recurring contribution to support operations, financial planning and resilience. 


OneNation.Party/Donate page provides the ability to make a one-time contribution up to $2,500 and a monthly recurring contribution up to $500.  If you are inspired to support in that range, feel free to self-service online.  


If you would like to financially contribute in any other way that our web page does not support, or to make a wire transfer, or to ask any further questions, email Christopher Life directly at all_in@christopherlife.one or you can mail a check to: 


Made To / Mailed To: One Nation Party

Address:  315 S. Coast Hwy 101 Ste U 5, Encinitas, CA 92024 


As of March 11th, we have raised $4,400 of our $25,000.  Deadline: March 31st.  


Thank you, 

Christopher Life