Our numbers are our strength. Our unity is our power.


Our ability to fulfill our mission is directly related to the number of members and depth of connections within our network. One Nation Ambassadors are members who know the importance of sharing One Nation with others and who feel inspired to be a messenger that invites others in. 


The purpose of this program is to empower members to feel confident, encouraged and appreciated for their efforts expanding the network.


Ambassadorship can range from small actions to mighty ones, but every act of ambassadorship matters and moves the mission forward.


We invite you to join our Ambassadorship program. Opt-in to our One Nation Ambassador text channel by texting the words ONE NATION AMBASSADOR to 31996. 


We will periodically send notifications letting you know about new opportunities and tools you can use to activate your ambassadorship, some of which include:

  • Review new materials designed to uplevel our ambassadors’ capacities to influence 

  • Review and share new content online 

  • Receive updates and announcements to share

  • Invite others to subscribe to social media assets 

  • Invite people to register as members of the network

  • Organize virtual and in-person events to invite others into the network

  • Reach out to press to get One Nation in the media

  • Secure promotional and broadcast partners 

  • Raise funds - both grassroots and higher net-worth fundraising

  • Invite elected officials and candidates to stand with One Nation

  • Seek endorsements from prominent cultural leaders

  • Form alliances with aligned organizations


By opting in to our Ambassador Program, you will learn about these forms of Ambassadorship and more. We are committed to empowering our Ambassadors so they feel confident expanding the One Nation network and know they are vitally in service to our shared mission. 


Opt-in to the Ambassador Program today, by texting the words

ONE NATION AMBASSADOR to 31996, and then press send. 


Together we rise.