Our strength is our numbers. Those inspired by our mission are invited to play an active role by inviting others to learn about and engage in our shared mission. 


The purpose of this program is to empower One Nation members to feel confident, encouraged and appreciated for their efforts expanding the network.

To join this program, 



to:  31996

You will receive periodic text messages that may include one of the following prompts: 

  • Review a new resource created to empower our Ambassadors such as a ‘key talking points’ resource, or a video with a new FAQ

  • Make a specific social media post in service to the mission

  • An update about an event, new program rollout, an announcement, or a new engagement opportunity

  • A challenge to speak to someone new, enroll a new member, host a watch party, start a local chapter, make a press contact, etc.   


As a One Nation Ambassador, you are not expected or obligated to take any action.  You simply agree to receive periodic text messages designed to further empower you as a network expander in the ways that feel most inspiring to you. 


Text ‘one nation ambassador’ to 31996 to become a One Nation Ambassador! 


Review the resources below to increase your capacities!