A paradigm is an orientation or mindset that affects how you perceive and interact with the world. 


One of the most dominant paradigms that informs the thoughts, actions and behaviors of most of humanity is the win-lose mindset, which divides the world into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and believes that ‘they’ have to lose so that ‘we’ can win.  


This paradigm drives our politics, business, entertainment and results in conflict, divisions and a society willing to hurt each other for personal gain. 


The win/lose paradigm originated when we all lived in tribes. When it was a matter of survival to create a sense of belonging, identity and protection for the tribe. This gave us the ability to cut off empathy for others when we needed to defend, steal or kill to survive.  


This paradigm has stayed with us as we have increased our technological capacities. With atomic weapons, artificial intelligence, biological warfare, big finance and mass media, our technological capacities have grown exponentially as our cultural, social and emotional capacities have remained stuck in the win/lose mindset - resulting in a precarious global civilization that could collapse or self-destruct at any moment. 


There is another option; and like win/lose, it lives inside of all of us. When a mother works to make sure all of her children are safe, harmonious and nourished despite their differences and limited resources, she is operating more from the all-win paradigm.  


From the all-win mindset, we see everyone as a part of our circle of care. All people matter, and deserve respect, dignity, and empathy. All-win requires a creative spirit to not cave in to the fight of one side versus the other, but to invent new solutions in which all can win. 


It takes a commitment to personal transformation to reconfigure our default reactions to live within and operate the all-win mindset, in all domains of life. This personal transformation is exactly what we need to provide a new and critical type of leadership, as we heal from an extractive win/lose era and prepare for a new harmonious version of civilization in which all are nourished, vital and thriving. 


Now is a time to lead our governments, businesses and culture from the all-win mindset. 


All-win leadership is a mode of stewardship that seeks the holistic thriving of all people and all nature. For us to rise into our all-win leadership, we must listen, integrate multiple perspectives, run experiments and learn over time how to create new possibilities that work for all. 


One Nation is a place to transform our win/lose tendencies, cultivate all-win leadership and ensure that our cities, states and nation are stewarded by those dedicated to improving quality of life for all. 

Are you willing to support a transformation in government from win/lose to all-win?


We invite you to embark on a journey into a new paradigm of politics, join the network of all-win leaders and register as a member of One Nation Party USA. 


Together we rise.