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The future of the politics is here. Welcome to OneNation Party USA.
Our Purpose
  • Install 'All-Win Paradigm' in America & WorldwideHolistic thinking, conversation & inquiry
  • Provide Courageous & Unifying LeadershipCreate harmony among genders, races & ideologies 
  • Rebirth American DemocracyBetter voting systems, digital accountability, renew citizen engagement
  • Heal Sickness in People & Ecosystems - Heal bodies, treat trauma & regenerate living systems
  • Establish Vision of Holistically Thriving FutureTransformed societal systems for next 1,000 years
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OneNation USA is a political party with a multi-decade commitment to assemble the capacities necessary to recreate our laws, redirect budgets and provide the leadership needed to create a world that works for all people, and all life, for generations to come. 

This is a temporary site while we boot up the revolution -- stay tuned for the next evolution... 💗
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